Bargain Thread 2023

Where are the now canon red dead redemption facial hairworks though.

He looks like he’s visually stunned.

“Hey kid, you ever … shoot a monkey?”

Surprisingly good week on Epic. All three games look interesting (though I’m not sure I’ll play them, of course.)

Divine Knockout - a cutesy multiplayer 3rd person battler that I might play with my kid
First Class Trouble - Amongus with graphics?
Gamedec - Cyberpunk RPG

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Some supposedly overlooked games from last year are in a new Humble Bundle:

I’ve heard very good things about Haiku the Robot. And I assume the Supraland sequel is as smart as the original.

I mean, I certainly overlooked them, in that the Supraland game is the only one I recognize. Quite a few of them look interesting, though.

Can anyone speak to any of these? In particular I’m curious if Prehistoric Kingdom manages to avoid the latter-day Frontier traps and produce an interesting simulation.

Powerslave is the port of an old FPS that seemed quite interesting. I have had it on my wishlist for a while. I am a but confused by Submerged: i thought i had heard the jumping the shark crew talk about it a dozen years ago, and thinking it wasn’t as good as it could be. Maybe I’m think of another game, but the description seems to be exactly what i remember of it.

This is the sequel though, it may have jumped the shark as well.

Apparently the original Submerged came out in 2015 (this is the sequel).

I think Jumping the Shark disbanded before 2015, so you’re probably thinking of a different game?

Edit: No wait, Jumping the Shark kept going until 2016 apparently. I think I stopped listening after Bill Abner and Danielle left.

I think I remember Brandon as the one mentioning it, so that 'd check!

They should really get back to numbering things. especially for older gamers like me. I even remember the cover looking about the same, with a girl and a boy on a boat!

Haven Park is free on GOG for a couple days.

I’ve never heard of this game, but it looks like it could be good.

Anyone know if Gameflip is shady or a legit key seller? I suddenly noticed lots of people on CAG buying games from there. I don’t like that they have a “Blockchain” header as one of their submenus, but other than that, it seems like a gray market seller like CDKeys, right?

Never heard of it, but my rule of thumb is that if it just directly sells keys, it’s probably not too dodgy, whereas if it lets people resell keys, it’s probably full of keys gotten through credit card fraud. Secondly, if in doubt, don’t do it. Games aren’t so expensive that you need to contribute to criminal enterprises to save a few bucks.

Mostly I’m looking at them only for the stuff that rarely or never goes on sale. Like they have keys for the Windows10 version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for about $23, which is always full price $50 on Windows store.

But it’s a Turkey only key, so nevermind, it doesn’t help me anyway.

I’m about 30% into that game on Game Pass before it got removed.

Humble has a new Survival Instinct Bundle live. $15 nets you Steam keys for:

  • Chernobylite: Enhanced Edition
  • SCUM
  • State of Decay 2 : Juggernaut Edition
  • The Long Dark : Survival Edition
  • Volcanoids
  • Surroundead
  • Starsand

If you don’t already own Chernobylite, State of Decay 2 and The Long Dark then this is a fantastic deal on some of the best survival games out there. I do wish Long Dark was the full version, not just the survival part, because I personally really enjoyed the story campaign in Long Dark. Still, there are dozens of hours of great content in this bundle for just a few bucks per game.

Hey all, Red Dead Redemption 2 appears to be just under $20 on Humble this week for the PC version. Sorely tempted at that price. Might be a historic low, but I’d have to check.

Amazon Prime Gaming have changed from monthly giveaways to weekly giveaways, or at least that’s what their page says (“New games each week, free with Prime”). The two games right now are Morrowind and Onsen Master (Spirited Away the game?), but they are available for 27 and 33 days respectively, which is a long week.

Also there’s a bunch of NeoGeo(?) games which they’ve given away before that say “end in 300 days” which is an even longer week.

Ugh. Hate that. Why can’t my free shit be convenient? Thanks, Bezos.


Weekly giveaways just means there will be new content every week instead of having to wait an entire month for it. The content itself will probably still be listed, based on the info, for much longer than a week, as it always has been.

I think this is more about wanting to generate traffic more often than just all at once when the month ticks over. Makes sense, really. People will still know that something new is popping up, and still have a lot of time to grab it.

Unless they do, at some point, limit the days available to 7 or less, but I don’t think they will.

It’s a bit annoying but I do see how this works as a constant reminder of Prime Gaming. And probably also this better positions them as matching what Epic is doing on their side. I’m alright if this results in one-upmanship/etc. Here’s the rest of the Feb releases from the blog:

  • February 9: Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Survive a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit in this 3D runner where players take on the role of Wally, who is trying to escape with his family’s stolen treasure, expose his enemies and fight to find a way home.
  • February 9: Divine Knockout Become a small-but-mighty god of myth, brawl in all three dimensions and knock your friends off the map to reign supreme in the world’s only third-person platform fighter!
  • February 16: One Hand Clapping Solve puzzles with music as players sing and hum into their microphone and find confidence in the power of their voice as it changes the world in this vocal 2D platformer.
  • February 16: BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad Players can tackle this modern twist of a fast-paced, arcade brawler-shooter-slasher that rewards precision play and pixel-perfect timing. Play with tons of action and gallons of blood to rescue teammates from Scorpion Supreme and STING’s evil clutches.
  • February 23: Space Crew: Legendary Edition As captain of the United Defense Force star ship, recruit and train a crew, customize a ship and head out to explore the galaxy, all while defending Earth against the mysterious extraterrestrial threat known as the Phasmids.
  • February 23: Tunche In this charming hand-drawn action game with roguelike elements, choose from five unique characters and restore peace in the Amazon rainforest whether you team up with your friends or play solo.
  • February 23: Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator Navigate the cutthroat organ market as a trader, dealing with dubious figures and pesky vampire-leech organs to protect cargo goods and make a profit.