Bargain Thread 2023

If you were ever curious about Mad Max (2015) and never bought it, it’s currently going for five measly bucks on GOG. I loved it myself, though I will concede that the boss battles were mostly samey. Probably falls into what Rock Paper Shotgun would call the “Solid 7/10 Game” category:

Best car vs car combat EVER.

And Max fights with Batman Arkham controls.

Desire to replay it , growing!

For five bucks, I bought it. Don’t know when I’ll play it, but…

I’d argue that Mad Max is a good, solid game with occasional brushes with greatness, and absolutely fabulous car combat. For 5$, if you have any interest in automotive mayhem, post-apocalyptic settings, or a man named Chumbucket, get it.

It plays great on steam deck where I finally played it after owning if for years.

I enjoyed Mad Max quite a bit. There is a caveat with it now though, the servers for it have shutdown. One function that did serve was to let your scrap crews collect scrap while you weren’t playing. Some people say its a bit grindy without that.

Ah, that’s sad to hear. Maybe there could be a trainer or something that would just let you give yourself scrap as necessary. Either that or a fan patch that would grant you a certain amount of scrap on startup based on your current game state/what places you’d reclaimed for the good guys.

Wait… better than Interstate 76? Love the batman-style combat, but didn’t know about the car combat.

No, as far as I’m concerned nothing has topped Interstate '76.

This x1000

It remains a mystery to me, on par with crop circles, ancient astronauts, and the life-span of Twinkies, why no one has done a full-on spiritual successor if not actual remake of Interstate '76.

Hard to capture lightning in a bottle once, let alone twice. I mean, let’s not forget Interstate '82.

True, but it’s still pretty decent in this Mad Max game. Plus the latter looks much nicer, given the intervening 18 years. The storms are pretty amazing in Mad Max, too.

Now, if we’re talking OST, there’s nothing better than that 1970s funk masterpiece that was the I-76 one. For those of us old enough to have ridden in (if not driven) an early 1970s pre-“gas crisis” OMGYOOJ Detroit steel road monster like a Mercury Montego or Buick Skylark, that music and the physics model perfectly evoke the feel of the time. One can easily imagine an 8-track tape in the dashboard even.

I think the secret to Interstate 76 has got to be the terrible frame rate. Any modern remake or sequel would try a smooth frame rate and you’d lose what was special about the original as a result.


Oh man, for sure. In high school, one of the guys I hung around with had a Chevy Caprice, and one had a Chrysler Imperial, both of which had V8s north of 400 cubic inches and which sucked down fuel at a rate so prodigious you could, no exaggeration, actually see the fuel gauge dropping under full acceleration. Waddled like a whale but fast in a straight line, they were amazing party cars. Hell, the Chrysler–a black on black on black (the last being the vinyl roof of course!) had like seven cigarette lighters even!

Very true.

Mad Max was an excellent game that overstayed its welcome I think. I loved the setting, the combat, etc, but there was just SO much to do. Basically Assassin’s Creed: Mad Max to me & I can never manage to finish one of those.

Eve of Destruction for me, but I don’t think I played Interstate ‘76

Mad Max was fantastic right up until that weird linear series of neverending boss fights at the end. I was more than happy to do all the open world stuff, pattern boss fights stop me cold.