Bargain Thread for Hardware?


Anyone use this, is it good? Lots of buttons! D:


Damn, that looks nice. I was gonna get a pre-built rig next year (so tired of building my own), hopefully something will be comparable then in price and features.


I think my ancient motherboard and/or case may be getting close to pasture time, but I want to hold onto my newer GPU, RAM, SSD drives and power supply. Any good barebones bargains out there?


Not me, I just posted it because it was a great deal.


I bought an Alienware desktop back in 2010 with a similar idea of it being “medium-term future-proof.” It’s worked out pretty well. I’ve had to replace graphics cards twice, and I’ve added an SSD. Otherwise it’s held up just fine. I suspect that I may have to think about a replacement in another few years, but it’s lasted a good long time in computer years.


Yeah, Alienware is likely one of my top contenders for when I upgrade next year. Glad to hear it’s working out for you.


So is it only their laptops that are overpriced?


Even those are reasonable if you catch them on a major sale. The main deal with those is that you should never pay anywhere close to retail.

The loaded 13" R3 I bought on sale earlier this year wasn’t cheap, but it’s so much better than anything cheaper (great build quality, keyboard, and OLED screen) that I consider it a bargain.


Good price on this UPS if it’s something you’ve been waiting to get:


Wow, 1500VA. That’s a big boy.


I’ve got one of them and it’s really nice. I paid quite a bit more for it, even.

Trying to think really hard right now about whether or not I need another.


I know it’s been awhile, but I bought an Alienware PC for Christmas last year and it has been heavenly. Absolutely adore it for its design, power and ease of use. Dell does a lot of really great deals if you use their financing. You can often pay it off over 12 months with no interest and if you sign up for Dell rewards you’ll also get back 10% in a gift card you can use on something else. Between the Aurora I bought last year and the Alpha I bought a few years ago, I have used those rewards to get a 5.1 sound system for my TV and another 8GB of RAM for the Aurora.

For those who consider them overpriced, I think it’s important to note the value on the backend from rewards plus you can spread your cost out over time without paying interest.


That’s exactly the kind of thing I want to hear.


You just have to use Dell Financial Services. Their APR is like 23% but I’ve never paid a lick of interest on anything in the last eight years. You don’t if you take advantage of the special offers and pay it off in time. I’ve used them for three PCs a DSLR camera, a TV and the aforementioned speaker setup in that time. They have decent sales just like any other retailer and especially around Black Friday for that matter. Hell, I bought two of the Sony Gold Wireless Headsets from Dell last Wednesday for the kids for $60 each which is the best price they’ve been anywhere all year long. I didn’t use financing on those obviously, but I’m pretty sure I’ll use them for my next television in 2018.

I’m still carrying around my Alienware Alpha for family gatherings (and loving it… we had a riot with Gang Beasts on Thanksgiving) and we use the Aurora every single day for gaming. Core i7-6700 with GTX 1070 and 8GB of RAM. $1400 spread over 12 months. I got the extra 8GB of RAM for free with the rewards. The funny thing is I acted too fast. A couple weeks later they had a 16GB system for like $50 more so I could’ve used the rewards on something else! I didn’t mind though. Considering I have a Dell Insipiron Core i7 860 I’m still running from 2009 as my secondary PC these days (upgraded… GTX 970… 500GB SSD, new hard drive, bigger power supply, had to replace the motherboard for like $80) that is still way more than viable for 1080p gaming, I have gotten really good returns from Dell. They are still one of the leaders in PCs for good reason.


So an Alienware PC via Dell…something to consider, surely.


Give Microcenter a look if there’s one nearby. Their Powerspec G-series PCs are well priced for what you get and they also offer a no interest credit account.


Wow, I did the exact same (Sept 2010) and am still using mine. Similar upgrades - twice graphic cards, added SSD. Only other change I did was swap out wireless network card and replaced it with a USB 3.0 card (and am just using a USB wireless adapter). The PCI wireless card was flaky after Windows 10 upgrade.


nVidia Shield TV (16GB) is currently $150 at your electronics store of choice. Comes with 3 months of RedTYoutube Red.


Heads up, peeps: the Xbox One wireless controller (the one with Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm headphone jack) is $39 on Amazon now.


Dewalt $99, drill + 2 batteries. Ordered a set just for the batteries. Regular price is around $150.

*Glass drill bits sold separately.