Bargain Thread for Hardware?

Black Friday is coming up, and I was hoping someone would start a thread like there is in the Games Section, but instead of games, hardware and electronics. Personally, I plan to do my shopping online on Friday, but I’m looking for a Inch Tablet. The Nexus 7 seems great, but any ideas of where I can get the best price on the 32 GB version?

I do hope people will submit the bargains that they have found.

speaking of that, I may be looking for a tablet as well. best buy has Samsung - Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with 8GB Memory for 180 dollars right now, matching their black friday price. They, and wal-mart, will have the kindle fire hd for 199 with a 30 dollar gift card. I haven’t seen anything on the nexus, but it normally runs 250.

If i was buying this for a 14 year old that just wants to look at webpages and watch netflix, what would be the better option? Or should I just get him a cheap laptop, there are several for around the same price on black friday.

Ask the kid which he’d rather prefer. I’d take the laptop any day of the week, but some kids want to be cool and own a tablet. Those kids would also typically hate an Android tablet, as much as it hurts my soul to say so.

8GB is tiny, and AFAIK, the Galaxy Tab’s aren’t expandable via SD Cards, so, dunno. Might be the better option than the slightly laggy UI of the Fire HD unless you’re already tied into the Amazon ecosystem via a Prime account (at which point the value of an Amazon tablet increases substantially)

It depends on the sites he spends a lot of time at as well. Tablets are pretty terrible with flash, so if he’s on a lot of flash heavy sites a laptop is a much better option.

As for a bargain thread, I’m thinking you’re going to have a hard time beating just following or maybe the anandtech Hot Deals forum unless like above you’re looking for a deal (or have questions) on something very specific.

And if you are lucky enough to live near a Microcenter, you don’t even need to follow a site at all. Just sign up for their newsletter and wait for super-crazy cheap stuff that you can’t find online anywhere. Yes, I’m bitter.

Yeah, join and set up an alert. You’ll get an email anytime someone posts a deal including your chosen search term. Works pretty well in my experience.

Newegg BF just started and has slashed prices even on unlisted BF items. I popped in some things I had my eye on and the prices were all reduced.

3TB Seagate bare drives for $90/pop (limit 2) on that newegg sale, for example.

Also an XFX 7970 (non GHz edition) for $360. (Seems decent-ish?) with a 30 rebate card.

Prices are decent. Picked up a Panny cordless phone set I had my Amazon eye on for 40 bucks less.

There is actually a pretty decent thread on mmo-champion with current deals:

It doesn’t have quite everything, but is nicely sorted and easy to read as opposed to trying to follow slickdeals. :)

Spotted on Techbargains: HP Pavilion HPE h8-1360t for $550 + tax & S/H. Specs look pretty decent if you don’t mind last-gen: i7 3770, 10GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Win7 (which is either a perk or drawback depending on what you think of Win8). GPU is crap (Radeon HD 7570), but you can upgrade the PSU and buy a separate video card. Weirdly though, a 240 GB SSD is ridiculously overpriced ($300); but you can buy a HP SSD upgrade kit for a lot less.

If you don’t mind refurbs & AMD, woot has a bunch of HP desktops as well.

Home Depot: AR Bluetooth Speaker for $29. Normal price was $90 or $100?
From this 2-day old RFD thread. There’re still 15 in stock at the Home Depot near my house?!?

Via Slickdeals: Lenovo IdeaTab K3011 for $280. Dual core atom, 1366x768, but for the price? Might not be a bad system for casual use.

The HP Slates are on sale. The 8 gig is $139 and the 16 gig is $169. Free shipping.

Compared to the nexus 7:

Lower res screen, only ~5 hours battery life, reportedly stuttery performance, older version of android, not a nexus device/running stock android so slower updates, near-identical performance, higher-quality aluminum construction, camera, SD card slot.

If they were the same price the slate would obviously lose, but the 16GB nexus7 (they don’t make an 8GB model any more) costs $200. I would still get the nexus7.

If I wanted to go el cheapo I would get the nook 7", which is $118 on amazon (8GB model) or $149 direct from B&N (16GB) and markedly superior hardware to either the nexus7 or the HP.

Amazon has a 20% off sale on SSDs. I checked a few and they were cheaper than Newegg, but you may still want to compare the prices.

$10 off $50+ on “Newegg Flash” when you use paypal.
Note: not the full site, just their clearance section or whatever.

(Let me try shilling for something that isn’t Steam.)

Canada Computers weekend deals for Sept 27-29, 2013. Main Page Items that are interesting to me…
[li]Asus Radeon HD7850 2GB for $129.99 ($75 off)[/li][li]AKG A172HD Headphones $79.99 ($120 off)[/li][li]Corsair H55 CPU liquid cooler for $45.99 ($24 off)[/li][li]Corsair Vengeance 1100 gaming headset for $29.99 ($20 off)[/li][li]Microsoft wireless touch mouse $29.99 ($40 off)[/li][/ul]

Cheap screen protectors:

The code brings them down to $1 or so each with free shipping.