Bargain Thread for Hardware?


I’m still waiting after two weeks but I’m starting to wonder whether my jacket will also be cancelled :(


Sorry, haven’t gotten around to the post office to estimate shipping my HD6850 yet.


Thats okay. It’s been a busy few weeks for me.


I got an email over the weekend that my jacket shipped. Hasn’t arrived yet, but then yesterday was a holiday, I’m sure that slowed it down.


Whoa, I read all about the Alpha parka deal on other forums, but not here. Hardware bargain!

I’ll just gripe that the shopping experience with Alpha was pretty terrible. I ordered on 12/30, got the confirmation mail, and…that’s it. No further communication. I did create an account, and last Friday, I saw the status change from “Sent for fulfillment” to “Order cancelled.” On Monday, I got a refund.

It’s probably on me for not calling or checking in, but wow, never hearing anything from them about this order is pretty terrible for an eCommerce experience. I read on GAF and Reddit about the delay apology emails and the final apology for cancelling, but I got zip from them.

Funny enough, I got a generic “fill out this survey about your shopping experience and get a 15% off coupon” mail. I didn’t even get the coupon for that!

They’re probably awesome coats, especially for those who got them at the bargain, and it’s only $30-something that I got refunded, but I’m still annoyed thinking about the whole thing. O_O


Well I got my “sorry” email and my refund today.

My email contained a 40% discount code but there is no chance I’ll use it because there’s no way I’d ever consider doing business with them ever again. On the one hand, I get why they cancelled orders. I’ve worked in online retail so I get pricing mistakes and inventory system issues…I know they happen. On the other hand, why would I trust them not to screw up my second ever order the way they blew my first ever order? :P


I finally got my sorry email today too. Similarly, the 40-percent code off of full retail isn’t something I’ll use by end of the month based on this experience.


I actually got the coat, shipment arrived Wednesday.

Gorgeous coat. Certainly lives up to expectations.

And its too small :(

I ordered 2x, which is the standard size I wear in everything else, and its too small.


[quote=“BennyProfane, post:188, topic:71014, full:true”]
And its too small :([/quote]

That stinks, sorry man. Which kind/color was it? Looks like there are a whole bunch of people in this thread that might be interested in buying it off you! ;-)


The clearance items were apparently EOL-- they aren’t even on the store anymore.

I got my parka but it hasn’t been cold enough yet to wear it! That thing is ridiculously warm.


It is black.

I could certainly box it back up and ship if somebody would cover my outlay, which with shipping would be between $40 and $50 I’d imagine–the coat was $34 basically, I’m not sure exactly on shipping, but it shouldn’t be too much, the coat is quite light. I suppose it would depend on the distance too.


$50 would still be a humdinger of a price.

@stusser, you’re not kidding about it being warm. When I wear my parka, I feel like I’m in The Thing.

To everyone that didn’t get their orders fulfilled, I’m sorry.

Also, if anyone wants a 40% off code, I have one for the liner that I didn’t get.


Seems like some Microcenters are running deep discounts on their Open Box stock – reports of Z170 and Z270 motherboards for half off the open box price – but the reason I quoted this post is I just came across this system for $750 open box complete. Worth taking a stroll through the open box area to see if you can score a nice deal but don’t bother checking NE Ohio for this system because I nabbed the only one ;)


So what’s wrong with this SSD that it’s so cheap?


It’s $240, was that the price you’re referring to?

It’s a value-class SSD that’s on sale. Doesn’t seem too far off. I bought a 1TB Samsung Evo 850 for $350 15 months ago on Black Friday sale, and that’s a high-end, performance SSD. It’s 15 months later, and the price of SSDs continues to fall. $240 doesn’t seem that far off. That Mushkin seems to get pretty good reviews, too.


Yeah, that was the price. Seemed pretty inexpensive for a 1TB drive. But then again, I haven’t followed the market at all.



If you could use some home media center automation, Amazon has the Logitech Harmony remote/hub on sale for $65. I’ve had one for a few years now and it’s great, replaced all my various media center remotes.


Logitech G602 wireless mouse for $35.


So it’s been a while since I’ve shopped for pre-built desktops, but this one definitely caught my eye.

It’s an Alienware, which I know is a dealbreaker for some. But the specs are impressive:

liquid-cooled i7-8700K
11GB Nvidia 1080 Ti.

Basically future-proof (for small values of “future”). Throw in the current coupon (50off699) and it comes in under $1900 (pre-tax).