Barry on HBO


Anyone else watching this?

I thought the first two episodes were pretty good, but last night really nailed it. And Henry Winkler is great.


I am not watching but I am interested. Big fan of Bill Hader.


You should be watching, then. He’s very good in it.


It’s more of a time thing than any real attempt to deny myself the pleasure of watching Bill Hader do stuff. Hopefully I’ll get to it one of these days.


I watched the first two episodes. I’m not usually a fan of watching shows with depressed anti-heroes as main characters, and so far, this is mostly proving my point.

The premise is silly enough, though, and Bill Hader and Henry Winkler (and Stephen Root) are enough of a draw to give it a few more eps to see if it goes anywhere good.


I enjoyed the first two episodes, I’d like to see where they go with it.


“I just like broth.”


How many threads need replies from you saying “I haven’t watched this yet?”

The show was great and is already renewed for Season 2. I hope they keep it a short, high-quality run. I’m always for anything that puts Remus back on the air.


I dunno, how many you got?


This show has turned out fantastic. Tonight’s episode was… wow. Emmy-worthy performance by Hader.


If you liked this you should watch Patriot on Amazon.


I’m about 5 or 6 episodes in and loving it.

So many great characters, but NoHo Hank steals the show.


The last episode and the season finale are as dark as hell, but still damn good.


You just raised my interest level in Barry considerably.


Barry is pretty much brilliant.

I’m watching it for a second time, and there are so many brilliant lines of dialogue in this show that are just little time bombs of hilarity that I missed the first time through.

“I mean, do you think Meryl Streep and Kaley Cuoco became stars just because they’re the best?”

That might be one of the funniest goddamned lines of dialogue–in its own context–in any show on HBO in years.


“So what was the name of the show you were on together?”

“Oh, you never heard of it. It never aired. We just got a little unlucky with the timing of some world events.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. What was it called?”

“Bonnie and the Boston Bombers.”


I caught up to episode 7 last night.

Boy, this show starts slow but really ramps up sometimes.

Harry Winkler is so good in this. As is everyone really. A really great show all around.


I’m not sure I could disagree more with “starts slow”, unless you mean “until the last third of the first 30 minute episode.”


I just finished this the other day. Great show. A perfect example of how my preconceived thoughts of what this show was ( I thought sitcom) almost made me miss it, thanks Qt3 thread. This was some dark shit and really thought provoking. I really like Emily Heller and when I saw her name pop up in the credits (producer and writing credit) at first I was unsure if it was the comedian I thought it was (it is). I mean she does go to some strange places but this is some truly dark stuff.


Henry Winkler just won the Best Supporting Comedy Emmy!!! Tough field, but extremely well-deserved!!! A TV legend finally gets his first acting Emmy (who won one in the 70s, but for a cut-down version of an Academy Award-winning documentary about war orphans that he produced.)