Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Started playing and about 40 minutes into the game. It is breath taking beautiful and I like how the conversation/story progression is depicted with a comic book feel (the scenes between sort of progress in what I would call comic book panels).

There is a game manual that can be brought up during the game that explains all the essentials about the game. Advancement in level awards new abilities (these seem to be automatic - do not seem to have a choice for selecting one ability or another - at least so far).

I am playing on the PC and do find the movement on the map (WASD) a tad annoying. Not sure why they did not let us use the mouse to move around (movement on the map feels similar to Heroes of Might and Magic - go to a spot and interact). I rather use the mouse to move than the keyboard because I keep getting stopped when I am a little off on the road. I do not see any settings to make changes to keyboard commands or mouse selections but to be fair they are probably unnecessary in the long run, since the UI is very simple in nature (combat uses the arrow key on the combat menu with the space bar enacting the choice). I do appreciate the Dungeon UI as there are quick ways to perform basic utility skills.

The Voice acting is well done and not overwhelming. I do enjoy how the MC does a little jump of joy when they win a battle (maybe a cute nod of the head to so many jrpg that do similar cutesy things).

The combat looks promising as an initiative bar shows the order of battle and I imagine that it will eventually allow for some good tactics as the game advances.

One problem I ran into: I entered a dungeon area and the game conversation stated probably not ready to take it on yet. When I tried to go back out nothing would happen. I quit to the menu and reloaded and I was outside the dungeon. Not sure if it was a momentary glitch, or I did not exit properly on my part.

Enjoying myself with both the combat and just looking at the game.

Nice feedback, @geewhiz. I’ll likely purchase it tomorrow with the 25% personalized discount code I received today via e-mail from GMG. Anyone interested in this game should check for the same e-mail!

I’ve been prejudiced against JRPGs ever since I tried one of the early Final Fantasy games and The Last Remnant. I think there was another one I’ve tried along the way. I’ve never like the art style, the story or the gameplay, but this seems different. So, what makes a JRPG a JRPG? This game looks pretty cool.

Well, fwiw, I thought the combat system in Last Remnant was overdone and terrible. Generally, there’s a lot of combat in these games. For me at least, a great combat system will keep me playing through a half-decent story, whereas a great story can’t really keep me playing a bad combat system (again, because there’s usually so much of it)

I think @ArmandoPenblade did a great explanation of this in a thread he created (IIRC - it was on running an old school tabletop rpg in a jrpg style) .

So there is some hope!

Found it!

And specifically the Top Ten Elements of Mechanics and Top Ten Elements of Fluff necessary to construct the quintessential JRPG:

I actually wound up writing a one-shot based on this work as a test-bed for my ideas and ran it a few months ago to great success. Considering spinning up the campaign proper early next year:

edit: I’m really happy you remembered that, @geewhiz ^_^

I hate JRPG’s as well, but it has more to do with my allergy to anime. As long as the characters aren’t 12 year olds with big eyes, I can deal with it.

When is my Switch version!? (Cries)

December, and $10 more.

December…dang it! Ten dollars more to play it anywhere I want… totally worth.

Since owning my Switch, I just don’t see gaming the same. I know some folks get up in arms about “Switch tax”, but I’m a middle age adult. I’ll drop more than a year’s worth of “Switch tax” on a random meal this week. The ability to have reclined couch viewing with surround sound contiguous with playing in bed or on a lunch break at work is a priceless feature. I love playing bite sized Indy games on the go instead of hunched over a keyboard and mouse (after a day at the office hunched over a keyboard and mouse). I understand that others don’t feel the same though.

Can’t wait (except I can it seems) for Battle Chasers!

This is exactly why I bought Steamworld Dig 2 for the Switch instead of on Steam.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s a great game for playing in short bursts, but it’s perfect for the format and that flexibility is really awesome.

I’ve been debating buying one. I will probably never play a handheld again because of neck-related issues. I still play on the computer, but spend a lot more time on my tablet. I’ve fiddled with steam link, and it works fine, but I haven’t exactly gone out of my way to play that way, if you know what I mean.

I feel like maybe the switch could hit that middle spot for me, offering some experiences mobile doesn’t, while letting me play in the same way I would on my tablet and having the option to sit on the couch. Heck, I would have bought a switch months ago if I could use it with my primary tablet stand (it is a couple of mm too thick). I can, however, use it with my secondary stand, the one I use when sitting at our kitchen counter.

Some of the reviews complain about too much grinding - which I’m concerned about. They stated that there is some big difficulty spikes that require the player to go grind to overcome. Another review praised it for not having the player get hit with a ton of random encounters, which is good. I’ve seen both that the story is good and also it is nothing to write home about. I think they have typically liked the characters. Might be a bit too risky for me. I’d be interested in hearing how it’s going with others that have played it. I’m kinda itching for something new right now after trying some things from the backlog. Also, eyeing Cuphead.

I bought it, but I don’t know exactly when I’ll play it, since I’m mostly busy with Guild Wars 2, and I have tons of games like XCOM 2, Heat Signature, Hellblade, Hob, Antihero, and Total Warhammer 2 all waiting in line to be played next…

I got it on XB1, and it plays great with a controller. I’m only L4 though, so I’m not that far in. No random encounters that I’ve seen - on the overworld map, mobs are clearly marked, including ones with multiple waves. There are dungeon areas to explore as well, and they’re wandering mobs. Not sure if you can avoid them - I charge into them. I’m about to enter a larger dungeon area that allows me to choose between normal and hard, along with better treasure box loot. There looks to be another difficulty level that’s currently locked for me.

I’m pleased with the $30 I dropped on this.

Here I’ll prioritize these for you :-)

  1. XCOM 2
  2. Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  3. Antihero
  4. Anything else

Sounds like you’re off to a good start.

At this point, these are my preliminary priorities:

  1. Guild Wars 2
  2. Heat Signature
  3. Hob
  4. Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  5. Anything else

To be honest, 3 and 4 are really close and can change position easily. So there. ;)

Is Child of Light considered JRPGy? At first I didn’t like it much but it grew on me as I went and I ended up liking it quite a bit.