Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

If you play 1 or V on consoles, there is a large and active playerbase on DICE servers. They also have the ability to run player controlled game modes but those only last as long as the player who starts it is playing.

That said, you can easily find good games and no cheaters that need banning.

I have never dabbled in PC BF1 but have played BFV some there but not lately. I am sure there’s an active group of players though. JackFrags does new videos with PC footage captured a day or two before the video appears. He’s had BF4, BF3 and even Bad Company lately too.

DICE has a reputation for pushing tech and that’s what is really exciting to me with this next game. Not only is it just plain time for modern combat again in Battlefield, it is time for it to look, sound and feel fresh again with lots of detail they couldn’t do in Frostbite 3.

All that said, I think it’s inevitable that old games will lose players, but with Battlefield, the old games are still being played regularly. I was in BF4 PC the last two nights having a blast.

Maybe they served in the trenches?

BF1 was released in 2016. It’s five years old. Not that recent. :)

But WWI started in 1914.

BF1 is a great game all around, with some amazing maps and some really good dynamics on the battlefield. Even the solo stuff is ok.

I should also point out to @JeffL that while the games put you in a squad, you can basically think of the squad mates as mobile spawn points and the squad leader as director of your actions. Just try to cap the point he/she wants you to.

But if you want to freelance, no one is going to freak out.

Speaking truths I see! :D

I can vouch that there are still a good number of active BF4 servers. There are even hardcore mode servers which I have come to prefer because you can actually sneak around.

I went ahead and picked up Battlefield 1 on PC now too. I’m good with PC or PS4/PS5 if anyone wants to squad up sometime in any of 2, 3, 4, 1, or V. I haven’t played 2 in eons though. I have Bad Company 2 also.

@Jamesthe1st I noticed there were some Hardcore ones active. That’s a nice change of pace for sure.

I bet that mobile Battlefield game coming out next year will make a lot more money than the console one coming out this year.

I think you are deadly accurate and it makes me sad.

Spiritual sequel to Battlefield 2142 or bust!.. Does not seem to be quite that futuristic though, so not holding my breath in anticipation.

Battlefield 2124?

As bummed as I am to say this but I wouldn’t expect mechs etc like 2142. Not even lasers. I could be wrong as it would be cool to see another 2142, I am sure it will be much closer to today’s timeline than laser, sonic etc weaponry etc.

I love the series but still feel burned about BFV where WW2 is my favorite setting. They dropped the ball big time on that one. It was such a mess from some crappy linear maps, horrible cosmetics store and approach, limited vehicles, doesn’t even include Russia and more…

It’s almost certainly not after 2142. It’s essentially a continuation of where the Battlefield 4 DLC left off is what I expect. If you didn’t play that, there were hovertanks and drones and some futuristic weapons like a rail gun. It may not even go that far.

Most of the “leaks” indicate it won’t have sides as defined as they were in previous games. You can be a Chinese soldier fighting for the “US” side or a Euro soldier on the “Russian” side, etc.

It’s all about the gameplay though. If they can amp up BF4 with larger playercounts, more weather changes (it’s rumored that maps will have different time of day and weather and that it’s only chosen at map start…), and lots of fun guns and gadgets, this will be a winner.

BTW, there was talk about that screenshot with the Ospreys awhile back. Supposedly squads arrive via the Ospreys at map start. The rocket is intending to launch and you are fighting to stop the launch or protect it, etc. There’s some more stuff out there if people want to go look it up.

Most of the rumors have said the teaser reveal is this week and then the full trailer hits next week.

I forgot about the typhoon map in BF4. Spectacular and fun.

I guess I can live without mechs but If I cant fly a small copter through a hotel lobby in the new one I will be pissed.

Oh, I’d bet on that sort of thing. Riding your jet after ejecting and blowing up another jet with a rocket launcher and then getting back in to fly away? Probably going to be possible. :)

Lol, did that in Just Cause but never in BF. I have killed a guy in a copter and jumped out of mine and into his mid flight while we were both crashing for an upgrade. Helicopters in 4 were a joy to fly.