Battlegrounds - Another Battle Royale game


the netcode is not that great. There is a loooot of improvements to be made, to the UI, the backend, and the netcode. They are kinda focusing on the wrong things, but, kind of expected from a Korean company. To be fair, they are only a year old. It’s a pretty smooth game for being so young. I play it in spite of all its flaws…


I don’t believe it’s a better game, but H1 does have generally better performing netcode. Of course that was made with Forgelight as opposed to UE4 so it’d be weird if it wasn’t better in that regard.

Even though from a realistic perspective I’m willing to admit that for a developer making their first shooter and after only about 2 years of development total, the game is actually fairly impressive. From a player standpoint, and from someone who has played shooters for 20+ years, all of the collective missteps and technical inconsistencies really make a cumulatively frustrating experience that logically should be in better shape than it currently is.

It’s still a good game that is generally more fun than just the sum of its parts would imply, but the little irritations that most shooters have solved already tend to rub the wrong way after long enough.


Outside of MMOs, I dunno, but that’s not the point.

Maybe the question should be, what can the engine do well? Maybe instead of 100 it should only be 40 people?

There’s lots of quality of life improvement for them to be making, but they’re too busy chasing loot keys, and new platforms and weapon skins and other bs…

And if you love it still, great. More power to you. But for me it’s a waste of time to get that invested in a game without knowing whether it’s even working. I mean, take bf or cod or anything else, and you can pick a server, and even if the ping looks fine, you can tell in a minute or two if you’re hitting good on the server and whether you should stay. Shit, in pubg you could be one shot away from a chicken dinner, having not fired your weapon the whole round, and absolutely unaware that due to factors beyond your control you literally cannot hit the side of a house right now.


I don’t think MMOs have anywhere near the response time of a shooter, nor do they need it.

Geez that doesn’t sound fun. The only problems I have had is in the start of a round, which is more understandable as there’s 100 headless chickens running around. It’s a feature of these royale netcodes that their performance improves as the players left declines. When it’s 40 or less remaining it should be consistently good from then till the end.

Anyway, for other reasons I play this game occasionally but not all the time. Maybe scaling back the amount you play instead of dropping it entirely will bring the fun back?



This is gold


That was great, and now I know everything I need to regarding battle royal.


Haha the salty kid at the end is great.


The new map feels like what PUBG should have been from the start. The matches are brisk without feeling rushed. I’m never bored, but you still get a couple minutes of downtime after most of the fights.

I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time afterwards either. Much better joy per hour.


It’s the smaller map, right? Which was a direct reaction to fortnite. Are vehicles still meaningful? How much smaller is it?


It’s half the size, so 4km by 4km. That’s still pretty big, as a lot of the other maps didn’t really get used. Vehicles are different, but still potent and strong, there is a lot of cover and hills. It is honestly a great map. The loot spawns are higher, things just feel faster paced.


To be pedantic, the new map’s 4km x4km is a quarter the area of the previous maps (8km x 8km).


1,105 hours. Is there a support group I can join? LOL. The new map is very different than the other two. A. It’s much smaller, but B. There’s so much cover! There’s somewhere to hide almost everywhere so you have to be super careful. For someone like me for likes to sneak around it great. I could see it annoying other people.

FYI if you are ever bored I highly recommend doing solo squads on AS. They are so so bad that it’s just so entertaining. I picked off an entire squad one by one over 10 minutes. Kill one and run off and hide. Come back SINCE THEY NEVER SEEM TO MOVE and pick off another. Rinse and repeat. Seriously it’s bizzaro world playing on that server. They play totally different than on the US server.


That’s funny.



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I’m disgusted at about 250 hours.


Well that’s random lol. At least I’m not the only crazy one out there. The reason I play so much is that it requires no planning or remembering of what you did last time. I just don’t have patience lately to play anything where I have to pickup where I last was.


That’s an interesting point, and another potential way to expand the battle royale gameplay.

What if they added an element of persistence like many roguelikes have today, where you retain some of your progress after each match-- and then when you kill an advanced player you get to take all their stuff?

In the same way that sharks have a ton of mercury in their systems because they eat so many smaller fish, eventually you’d have players spawning with full powered exo-skeletons and circling laser gatling drones, and all the other players would be obligated to team up to take them out… and then fight over the spoils.

There’s just so much room under the battle royale umbrella to innovate!


What I like about the game is that there is zero game advantage in terms of the game between someone who has 1,000 hours or 1 hour. Experience and good FPS skills are all you need. I lack the good FPS skills even after 1,000 hours. :(


You are essentially describing the DayZ or Survival game model (minus the match part), which Battle Royale games kind of evolved from.

Also check out Escape from Tarkov if you want a quasi-BR game with captured loot retained between matches.


Yes, I envision it as a “league”, similar to how Path of Exile supports their live game. They do it right.

Every couple of months you add a new game mode, requiring everybody to start over fresh, see how people like it, and if they do you add it permanently. In this case it would be separate from the non-persistent game of course.

But the roguelike bit is only one league, you can think of tons of other ways to mix up BRoyale.