Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


I’m going to be off for a little bit, so let me plan my turn (I hate the web on mobile). Pending hand (1 of each type, btw), I’m thinking of hitting the slots as things are ok. Any requests otherwise?


Probably be more efficient to XO if you can. There’s a blind admiral in sickbay who could use some assistance in getting out.


Admiral is still in Pegasus CiC, she shot the Airlock.


Starbuck points out it’s just a trickle of water, really, so everyone goes about their business.

-1 Food.

Raiders move from 6 to 1.

+1 Jump Prep


Whoops, sorry, that’s what I get for trying to catch up in a hurry. Ignore me!

(XO is probably good regardless)


President @Perky_Goth is a go.


I can do usefull things with an xo


Not sure it’s that important, but in the interest of establishing cooperation, 1 XO @jeffreyb.


i will… Full throtle 1 to 1
cag viper 2 to 1 @Knightsaber
2nd action after


Okie dokie, you and Unnamed Pilot Guy are in 1.


Full throtle fires as well?


Oh right.

That’s a 5, -1 Raider.

2 left.


launch a scout @Knightsaber


For? Crisis or Destination?




It’s a 3. Good enough. Destination coming.


we can do better than that Hopefully, bottom


Trying to send me to sick bay so you can take the assault raptor? I would have just taken a regular viper if you had chimed in earlier!


And here comes the fun part (for me).


It seems someone hid some explosives on Starbuck’s Viper, Admiral.

What will you do about it, @Jorn_Weines?


I’m not the Current Player though :)