Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


Yeah yeah. If we’re going to play ‘Knightsaber’s typos and mistakes’ we can easily go find something else to do.


Preferences? Do you have a terrible card to ditch to get back to Colonial One with an XO @Perky_Goth?


Yeah, top is good


I guess we should start hiring some engineers.

Top option @Knightsaber.


Who sent the raptor over to Colonial One is the biggest mystery?

-1 Exploded Raptor

President @Perky_Goth to sickbay.

Raider 1 fires at Unnamed Pilot Guy - 1
Raider 2 tries to do better - 7

Hint: Nothing can be done to save that guy = 1 Damaged Viper

+1 Jump Prep


Nah, it’s fine. You can save my but here maybe when we get hit


I have disposable cards, for sure. And I wouldn’t be able to convince anyone that morale is fine either, so it’s for the best.


Sergeant @soondifferent, have at you.


Sounds like your personal morale has taken a hit :/


I can bail out our president, or I can maybe get Starbuck some new stickers for her viper, what say you?


I guess I’ll speed things along. I’ll move to FTL and play XO 1 on Starbuck. Everyone draws leadership so I’m confident we’ll get the prez out in due time. @jeffreyb


ok, first I will fire on a raider and cag viper 3 to 2 @Knightsaber


Starbuck being Starbuck.

Roll: 3 … good enough.

-1 Raider, 1 remaining.

Unnamed Guy that is not the first Unnamed Guy in a Viper from 3 to 2.


That’s a lot of work putting vipers on the board that are going away soon, so maybe we should do something else… oh wait, it’s a pilot’s turn next…

Depending on the will of the crisis god.


Cleaning up is important, don’t want the raider’s getting out of hand.

i will fire again knowing full well a raider activation means two new raider if I get the kill


That’s an 8. Board cleared. Starbuck is Starbucking.

Also, you were right.

What do you think, President @Perky_Goth?



This should be interesting…
Morale is my choice however tempting two quorum cards might be


I was thinking the second could be interesting and we can up both before the sleeper phase, but I am nothing but a democrat if you don’t want the risk.


I think the 2nd makes more sense. The first offers no benefit to offset the cost.


Writes down names of those in favor of the 2nd.

I guess we do have enough tactics between us to search for fuel, eventually. Whatever. I’ll be watching.