Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Because I was waiting to see whether you or Perky jump ship the last turn. Neither of you did. So it must be Barry.


It’s easier for cylons to add ship damage than morale damage, which mostly depends on crisis. And we’ve been having success using less used parts of the ship.


Then we’ll go for top option, morale. @Knightsaber



-1 Morale

Basestar fires: Roll: 7 = Hit Pegasus or Galactica, @soondifferent?

+1 Jump Prep too.

@Jorn_Weines, Leadership/Politics mix?


Two leadership please.


Pegasus please @Knightsaber


Pegasus was sploshed right in the Engine Room. But it can still keep up for reasons unknown.


If I was a toaster I wouldn’t risk revealing on a morale loss.


@soondifferent you have to discard 2 cards down to 10, please.


It’s fine, it just can’t change speed.


I’ll drop politics 0 FtH 0 RT @Knightsaber


Probably fair enough. From my perspective, I can fix damage pretty easily (even from the brig) and the president is the one who might be able to fix morale problems but is looking decidedly cylonic.


As it should.


Everything on the board is the same except:

soon has 10 cards, you have 12.

Morale is 6

Jump Track is at -3 blue.

There are 9 Quorum cards.

@rho21 is in the brig and you’re the Admiral.

(Someone didn’t feel like a board again so soon) (Sorry)


Oh hey according to my new rules @rho21 has no Mutiny cards now.


L1 XO on @Perky_Goth.

I hope you do some heavy lifting here @soondifferent

If you are a Cylon @Perky_Goth, well done.


Go Perky, Go Perky, Go Perky, it’s your birthday. Uh something.


Alright, activating the brig action.
Are we good on cards or a pre-check skill would be nice?


I still have 10 Destiny left, I’m good. Thanks for asking.


Well, it’s just a 7.

@Snebmi , add your worst