Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before




On the other hand if it’s your biggest card by far, go ahead.


I’m an idiot x2. I mixed who was what, I was finer letting Jorn choose.


I’m worried this might turn out that way.


I play 1 card



4 cards @Jorn_Weines


That’s not a good sign.


I helped too!




Uhr, should I even bother @Perky_Goth @rho21?


I think I screwed this game up at the end, you could have been the only free man, the Admiral-President of the fleet! But I think we’re done.


If this check fails, nearly the only chance anyone will have to break out is Politics 6. With Jorn being the only person in the brig that can draw Politics, and this being his turn, I think it would be fair to call the game over if everyone agrees.

We can also play it out and see how ruthless it ends up being.

Or Jorn might not be brigged, I haven’t looked at the Destiny cards yet.


Yep, we either pass, or we’re pretty much done. It was almost going well, too.


I add what I got to avoid it, 4 cards I believe.


Here goes.

Politics 2(CP)
Leadership 1(XO), 3(DE), 4(RO) 5(COP)
Tactics 1(LS), 3(UP)

Engineering 0(EN), 2(Repair), 4(RS)
Treachery 1(BL), 5(EaW)
-18 (Establish Network doubles Engineering total)

Total +1 = Fail.

Broadcast Location = +1 Pursuit Track = @soondifferent place a civvie in an unoccupied space.
Exploit a Weakness = @Jorn_Weines picks someone not in the brig to draw a Mutiny (he can draw it and discard it after he goes to the brig)

Either way, @Jorn_Weines is brigged.

All hail Admiral President CAG Emperor Jeanne.

@rho21, @Perky_Goth, @Snebmi we can call the game here or continue playing and wish for miracles.


We’re dead, vote 1.


If there’s a list for the next game, can I get on it?


I’m not running it, and I don’t think anyone will soon, but if you read the game rules, sure. :)


Oh, I assumed because it was number 29 that this was a regular thing haha.


It is, I just think the usual DMs are busy for a little while.