Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


In case we continue I’ll put the civvie in 5 @Knightsaber

I don’t think it’s hopeless for the humans at this point. We can’t obstruct indefinitely and with 3 cards + favorable destiny I think getting out of the brig is doable. So count me as a vote against, but no problems if you guys want to call it!


Soon going full toaster, calling out humanity as weak willed ;)


Always welcome new blood @Cuthbert! I think @knightsaber is all DM’ed out after hosting a few (some concurrent) games in a row, and @CraigM just had a new baby, but I’ll remember to ping you next time a game gets started.

(@rho21 and @Lantz has also hosted games in the past, but I think they’re busy as well.)


As god-empress and mistress of ships, I felt it was necessary to lift the spirits of my subjects, even the misguided ones in the brig.


It’s a big if. Admittedly, the Cylon fleet is pretty bare ATM, so damage will be light for now.


They are fairly regular. We’ve even had concurrent games. It is a bit of a marathon for the moderator so they kinda just happen when one of us either has the time or hasn’t done one in a while so they forget how much time it takes :)

Will definitely make sure you get a ping.


Yeah, seriously, and resources are in a pretty good place. Sure, I will probably get to pick the destination, but if I get two 3 distance ones to choose from? There’s decent odds of you guys sailing to victory in the brig.


Continue on we will, then.

Raiders in 5 fire at Mk7 Dude

Raider 1: 3
Raider 2: 5
Raider 3: 6 (@Perky_Goth or @Jorn_Weines wanna try to save the guy?)

Meanwhile the Raiders in 4

Raider 1: Wipes out the civvie in 4 (Empty)
Other 3 Raiders move to 5


But I don’t to drag you guys along if it’s not going to be fun though, so let’s reevaluate after the jump. If it’s a 1 dist and you are all still in the brig then, yeah, maybe.


I suppose I could look at the Destinations.



Now I won’t get any more LS after the metric crapton I got.


Reroll is an 8.

-1 Mk7


See, the thing is @soondifferent, if they can’t get out of the brig, we’re getting one crisis every 5 turns. Which means jumping is probably not happening. We’ll give it a shot I guess.


Yeah, it’s true. I’m happy to go along with anything, let’s see what @Jorn_Weines and @rho21 say when they wake up :)


Yeah just went back to work too. So a few days to get my feet back under me.

But by the weekend? Yeah I think that can happen.


Here’s how it looks for @rho21


Also I wanted @soondifferent to see his Admiral President CAG Emperor Jeanne titles on the board at least once.


On calling the game: I don’t know enough about late-game to know whether or not to call it. So count me as neutral.

That said I’m enjoying this immensely.


Damn, man. Though I guess you are seasoned vets now.


Ha, thanks ;) Am I the first godemperor-CAG? I think the CAG title has been traditionally elusive…