Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


Woo hoo!

Politics 1(CP)
Tactics 2(LS)

Leadership 1(XO), 4(DE)

Total = -2

Treachery flip is 0(DC), 2 more Raiders in space 5.

@rho21 needs to discard 2 cards please.


I’ll discard a treachery card, 0B. That gets me a mutiny, which I believe gets discarded under our current rules. If not, I’d like the mutiny card anyway.


You can draw it but you can’t keep it :) New rules!


Oops you only have to discard 1 card. My brain this morning. Mah brainnn.


Well, that changes everything!


Another boo boo for me @rho21


OK, post edited. Nothing to see here. I don’t think it really matters now we have open roles.


I have no idea what you mean, I see you discarded 0(B) and didn’t get a Mutiny since I made the Brig a Mutiny Free Zone.

So let me get Perky some cards, since all of these turns are really exciting.


They’re not much work either, it’s not all bad.


Okay @Perky_Goth

rho has 10 cards now, you have 11, Baltar has 5, Jeanne has 3 and Apollo has 6.

There are 8 Raiders in 5 now.

Have at it.


Oh, I can do this thing… Oh, wait, one card per check.
Nothing else to do before we end this of old age, I try to escape again.


Escape attempt #525

@Snebmi, you’re first.


Does anyone have any pre-checks to play? Positive engineering cards could be handy, say.


I’d play them if I had them.


@Snebmi this one is yours if you can do anything.


1 card.




Preemptive nothing, launching in a Viper plane.


0 cards @Jorn_Weines oops @rho21


1 card @Perky_Goth