Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


1 card




Tactics 4(CS), 5(ASC)

Leadership 0(IW)
Treachery 1(BYC), 1(BYC)

Total: +7

Boomer has been given a sock. Boomer is free. @Perky_Goth pick a space on Galactica to move to.

Edit: New Destiny deck after this.




So, err, I haven’t thought this far forward, hangar command? @rho21 @Jorn_Weines
Administration sounds almost pointless.


I knew I should have banned all clothing and transformed the remanent fleet into a nudist utopia.


Space is probably not worth it right now. We’re close enough to jumping.


Well, move to command, it’s the only place where an XO would make a difference. Anywhere else, I can move later. Now, watch me get hit…
On second thought, move me to the Admiral’s Quarters.

Now a crisis that send me to the brig again, @Knightsaber. And Recon later.


Okay, Admiral’s quarters.

But who consulted with the hybrid?


@Snebmi is first.


New destiny, correct? I almost want to fail this.
Also, bah, centurion on board.


Yes there’s new Destiny.

And you’re probably not wrong in wanting to fail it.


Losing food is bad, being half-way to the brig is worse.


But that’s where all your friends are!


But you lose the opportunity to get the mutiny card that allows you to swap someone in the brig with someone outside it!


Not sure if you’re joking or talking about “Make a deal”…


I think both?


Well, I don’t have much for the check anyways.


I am unsure if we want this to pass @soondifferent. I have some for it to pass, a little for it to fail.


Imo I don’t think it’s worth our cards either way, I’d let it be @Snebmi


I have things that might help, but obviously not the colors.