Battlestar Galactica 32 - It's the Cylon Countdown

I could post an enlarged shot of Demetrius later, as well as an album of the check cards.

We always have a lot of skill-cards to spare! :)

I am down with trying something new!

Yep, sounds good to me. Just be prepared for us to mess it up repeatedly!

Why not?

Edit: The only thing that ever really held me back from adding -everything- was that the board was way too big when I started adding New Caprica and Demetrius and such.

Edit edit: And @rowe33 is bad at reading too! :D

Sure I’m in for that. As always, gonna argue for allies/Ionian Nebula, but I’ll survive without it. Never played with Demetrius!

I might be Cally y’all.

No one has been shot in way too long.

Are we waiting for me to pick a character or is it still in the prep phase?

Sorry, had a 3am airport run that prevented me getting Demetrius posted yesterday. Will get it up after dinner and kids going to bed, then on to picking.

No worries, we’re at Disneyland, just didn’t want to hold it up!

I have to bow out, bring @soondifferent into my place.

@rowe33 @Cuthbert @soondifferent - Help me Obi-Wan Cylobi, you are my only hope.

I think @Lantz is very wise and good and should shoot somebody else

Dang that’s too bad @Knightsaber, hope everything is alright. Will see if I wiggle into another six model in your stead.

Hope all is well out in the great midwest!

(Craig, please cancel my planned prelim brigging of KS)

This way all: Battlestar Galactica 33 1/3 The Network Gun

Sorry for the delay, had some issues and concerns to ork through with Demetrius and setup (it also mandates Rebel Basestar) We’ll see if that comes up.

Also work stuff with major events during the holiday restricted change season, meaning I was working until 10 or later a few times this week.

It looks like you’d be able to just remove the Cylon Civil war mission instead… unless the other missions depend on it. I’ll find some spoilers and shut up. :)

That’s true. It is only one of 8 missions. However I’ve spent the time to set up, and it is highly unlikely to fire regardless.

I thought about it, but ultimately will leave it open (though not on deck yet)

Don’t forget that Cally gets a full 13 round clip with the Demetrius expansion.