Battlestar Galactica 33 1/3 The Network Gun

The peanut gallery will be watching closely.

I will also take one of each

Ok, just pending @Jorn_Weines starting hand, and Galactica or Pegasus starting location.

Pegasus, 1 tactics, 2 leadership.

Ships away

@Cuthbert what does the newly minted president start this voyage with?

Do I not start with a quorum card?

In any case, move to Demetrius, discard 1CP, and activate the Bridge, let’s see how this works!

Ok. You had a quorum card, I just hadn’t put in your hand.

As for Demetrius, they are 14-25 difficulty skill checks. The 14 are two color, the rest 3 color. You only get one mission per jump. You can also use Demetrius to look at the top card to ‘stack’ the mission deck.

2 of 8 have jump distance. One 25 difficulty 3 color, the other 14 2 color.

If you pass a very powerful bonus for humans, such as distance or permanently removing half the Cenurions/ heavies or Basestars from the game. If you fail, it usually causes the inverse for a fairly negative effect.

Do you still wish to proceed?

Maybe it is better to scout the Demetrius-deck or gather some Quorum-cards until we have fuller hands?

Okay, I’ll hit up Demetrius Tactical instead.

ok preview prepped and sent.

tell me where it goes

Keep it on top please.

Very well. Here is your crisis.


@Cuthbert pick your fifth card (side note, I do not believe you would draw a card if you play a mission, as you skip the draw crisis step)

@Jorn_Weines first to enter.

I’ll take a politics

Hard call, but I am contributing bigly. 1 card

I need to read more about it but it seems unlikely that we could pass much of anything with how few cards we have.

Edit- this was talking about missions, not the crisis


Just as a reminder to people, I can not put only 1 card into a skill check as a trade-off for the fact that I can execute a toaster. Just noting since if people don’t realize it then my card contributions can look even more odd than normal.

Inspecting a loyalty card? Where was that crisis when I put Final Five cards in?

Surely they’ll look more even.

One card @lantz

Sorry, I was at a human charity event. You toasters might not understand.

0 cards