Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Yes, it’s one of the reasons for not leaking dumps (heh).

I’m just going to cozy up to Apollo and borrow a card, let him draw more Treachery and activate Crisis Canyon. @Lantz

Whenever you get to it.

I’m pretty sure I’m just barely going to lose.

If you need to blow up Galactica, once it returns I can try and push the pursuit track. Lots of raiders there to help. Also to shag any civvies that try and run the blockade.

I need things I can’t say to happen that are very unlikely to happen now.

Yeah, detention for me @Lantz

Cards swapped.



I can’t believe we’re going to lose by morale.
Sign it.

You’re free to take off and lose by population instead

(that was a top, in case it wasn’t clear it was the choice)

Roll is a 7, @Perky_Goth is not executed. Not sure which would have been better.

Occupation Forces activation removes OF and destroys the top locked civilian:

Population -1 to 3. Fuel -1 to 3.
Heavy Activation does nothing.
Civilian launch does nothing, jump prep does nothing.

Note - my earlier comment was wrong, occupation forces and centurions are separate pieces so 4 OF are in play not 3.

President @Perky_Goth you have your hand.

Hey, hmm, I think it might be better for Apollo to leave than me, but it’s a long way off, so maybe not wait for that, and kind of abandon presidential stuff?

Damn an execution would have been good. I think it is better for you to leave than Apollo since he can xo

That too. How good of a hand does the free human have for it? I could do a trick, but it would cost something for the check.

My hand is not very useful.

Maybe it’s better to save for the crisis anyway.
So, prison break check, @CraigM

zero cards @soondifferent

What’s your plan next turn?

Depends on if the escape works or not, and what the coming crisis is.

I’m open to suggestions.