Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Everybody sing along!

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Tagging me never hurts but I also check all the time. Just haven’t made it to a computer yet

Destiny is 5 cards with the two new Treachery.

@Perky_Goth you have your hand.

@soondifferent, @Jorn_Weines

Sadly, no multi-action for this turn… Either way, I have a few options, neither of which screams better than the others. Unless for Knight.
Prepare, evacuate, try to improve morale. The latter is problematic in NC, but we leave now, so I can do it on Galactica. Of course, any action on Galactica is on the table, but Colonial One is MIA for the rest of the game.
Sadly, I doubt Demetrius would help with anything. So, hmmm, do we go back to the Ship and gamble on having just the 4 prepared ships leave? Odds are bad, as per ship manifest somewhere above, but maybe we can’t do better, or even that.

You still need 4 New Caprica crisis cards with an evacuation icon to get those Prepped ships into space, though.

Edit: Or click the Shipyard 4 more times.

Fun, isn’t it?

4 New Caprica crisis on human turns, yes, which would be hard enough.
A CS would’ve been really brilliant this turn, but it can’t happen all the time.

I guess we need more ships if we want to survive the jump. On the other hand, giving the Cylons a taste of the resistance is also fun.

Morale is a long shot unless we have an SP. Prepping/evacuating as a single action seems ineffectual in the face of what needs to be done, but I guess it’s still progress.

Shipyard action, evacuate a ship (so we don’t have 8 raiders shooting at Galactica)

@Perky_Goth To space 3 or 4?

While you are deciding things:

Space 3.
So, well, Top.

@CraigM your draw?

Treachery and Piloting @Lantz

A kind crisis for once. We still get the evacuation since it’s separate right?

Evacuation is part of the ‘Prepare for Jump’ process. It’s all skipped

I mean I am magnanimous and would allow you to change your choice in this case.

@CraigM dealt

Dang. Still ok I guess.

Hmm, thinking. While I could pull the crisis lever, I also think that a more active role with Raiders could help.

In fact shooting Galactica directly could be beneficial, as they have no means to repair it.

@Cuthbert you on board for plan Big Badda Boom?

@Knightsaber given your situation would that help you at least reveal another motive?