Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Good news for anyone who wanted a mutineer, cause I’m gonna be one now

Lampkin, Apollo, Seelix, Boomer, Tigh, Six
Tigh, Apollo, Boomer, Seelix, Lampkin, Six
Apollo, Boomer, Seelix, Lampkin, Six

With the Admiral at the end of New Caprica maybe being able to jump away early and kill everything left, this could be an interesting blame game at the end. Regardless, it’s an interesting line of succession.
Also, whether I’m a Cylon or not, I’ll be trying to hit the Demetrius, because someone should.

Just keep in mind the numbers to hit on the Demetrius checks are large. Also all hail Apollo, eventual Overlord.

Yes, but also mostly 3 colors.

They also prevent the normal crisis check, for good or ill.

Fair. I looked at them the other day and some of them can uh, ruin your day. Some of them can totally make your day too, though.


‘Hey, now there is only one basestar and two heavies in the game’
Or if you fail
‘Time to die meatbag’

Sorry nope. I am modifying the mutiny rule so if you get two mutiny cards and are brigged then you discard both mutiny cards due to the too common fail cycle there since it takes multiple turns to get out of the brig and rid of the other card. Other than that we’re playing the same as Craig’s game 33.3333


Hit me with your card draw and starting location if it varies. I am going to kick the game off in the morning tomorrow. Had a bunch of stupid RL paperwork get in the way of my internet BSG paperwork.

Tactics, Piloting, and Engineering

2 politics, 1 tactics

2 politics, 1 tactics

Can’t remember, can I take 3 leadership?

if not, then 2 leadership 1 tactics


Well I go first, so I don’t think I pick anything.

Edit: I’ll choose my draw after I see my Agenda, though.

Yeah you can do that.

Edit. My bad, you could have done it as the old man since he can draw 3 Leadership every turn. Tigh can only pull 2, so you’d have to do 2 and 1.

Thanks, I thought Tigh was 3/2 instead of 2/3, we’re even lower on leaderships than I thought!

2/1 leadership/tactics then please @Lantz


I am slowly working my way through all of this setup jazz. Should be going later today.

I’ll take my Leadership and an Engineering, sir.

Lantz is obviously a Cylon, so we should brig him before he executes someone.

Very good.

Point of clarification, with Demetrius we will hit the New Caprica phase at 7, or 9 distance? And if 9 will fuel be compensated by adding one to the initial resources?