Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - A Frakking Good Time

I must have fought about 20 battles, all more or less the same :/

Leaving that aside, I think they missed a trick here by having fleets generally clumped together. The visuals and the kinetics of it all would surely benefit from engagements spreading across space, rather than two clumps of sluggish combatants, moving like fat old men on segways.

Yes, that was my experience with the campaign. It turns out to be super grindy, and most of the generated battles consist of the AI throwing all of its forces headlong at you. It’s not that exciting once you learn what is going on, and each battle involves a fair amount of micro management. The campaign missions are significantly better, but they weren’t frequent enough to keep my interest.

I am trying the MP tournament that Slitherine just started, and that has been more interesting since you are facing human-generated fleets and human generated cleverness.

On sale on Xbox for 50% off ($15) in celebration of the multiplayer update.

Minor update: Apparently the Slitherine BattleStar tournament is regular thing. It’s also been a ton of fun to play in. The community is small enough that you can come in as a newbie and not be completely wiped out. Also, my appreciation for the game us gone up 5 fold once I started playing against people and seeing all the neat fleets and tactics they are using. If you like the game at all I’d suggest trying to get into the next tournament/MP scene.

OMG new DLC next week you guys!

This is so weird that I get a marketing email about some DLC for a game I’ve never heard of and I assume it’s junk but then I find out that not only is is apparently super good but that discussion is limited to this solitary thread!

Ok, this is really cool. You can now play s skirmish campaign that recreates the theme of the TV shows, running and hiding from the Cylons. Thumbs up!

YES! Can’t WAIT to try it!

It DOES get a bit repetitive after a while, but for what it does, it’s freaking great. This DLC should help with the repetitiveness as well. LOVE IT.

For shame. You mean it’s frakking great.

So say we all!

Holy forking shirtballs, you’re right. Sorry. I’m such an ashhole.

Are there any videos, streams, VoD, or other promotional material available yet showing off the new mode?

And since I’m plugging GOG anyway in the Gladius thread, here’s a reminder that you can get the latest DLC for Deadlock there, too:

(No, I’m not getting paid to do this.)

That’s where I bought Deadlock (and all its DLC), because BSG is even better when it’s DRM-free. ;)

BSG deadlock is now out on Nintendo Switch.

Did anyone see that coming? Because I definitely did not see that coming.


…they have a plan.

Is the Switch version a touch game? How do you play the game with thumbsticks? The screenshots don’t show the HUD, just ships shooting at each other in space.

Thumbsticks pan and rotate the map.
Triggers zoom in and out
Shoulder buttons cycle through your ships
Movement orders via the dpad.
Buttons for special orders.

Neat! Though it’s a bummer that the Switch version is the base game only AND the add-on content isn’t even available . That seems a mite stingy for an (admittedly good) 2 year old game with $55 worth of DLC since then.


A follow-up on Switch DLC from the devs.

TLDR is that they haven’t started on the DLC and they aren’t promising that they ever will (depending on sales).

So I’m on the one hand wary of the port but OTOH get that they’d for sure never port any DLC if everybody acts this way.