Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


I was really looking forward to this as a first day purchase. Then I got my Steam key email. So I must have backed it and forgotten about it. Yay… I guess?


Somewhere up thread I said that there’s no reason to preorder and I would wait for reviews. I watched a brief stream of it and preordered before it was half done…


It’s the first thing i’m going to disable when i get the game.


I am dreading the “AI sucks” Qt3 backlash next week. :)


I’m not because I gather nourishment and energy from QT3 AI hate threads. Whenever I feel weak I visit the Civ or Stellaris threads to suck from the teat of exasperation.


I felt the same ever since XCOM. It actually looks better to me when you see all those fancy animations from a little further away. Kind of like Total War.


Uh oh, have you been picking up on the videos shown so far the AI might be a weak link? I was watching one stream myself just to get the animated GIF’s I made (above) and wondered in that video why the AI split up his three vehicles and sent them coming from different directions but at widely varied points in time, giving the player a “kung fu one attacker from the circle at a time” feel, but I thought it was a one-off because it’s the only video I’ve really watched and a really early mission…


Isometric view is what I want as well. That’s the game I’ve been awaiting for three decades, though I’d certainly appreciate watching an instant replay in cinematic view now and then.


I’m not too worried about the AI since there is a campaign layer. The challenge will be winning efficiently. Some sort of hard mode or difficulty mod would be cool at some point though.


I’m not worried about the AI since I suck anyway.


Sorry, was just being facetious. Qt3 seems extra critical of AI, and since a lot of people seem to be looking forward to it, I am bracing myself for the reaction here.

I have only watched a couple of videos of gameplay and the AI seemed fine. That said, with the amount of possibilities with terrain, heat, and weapon load outs, I expect it won’t be great against the better players.


According to a devs there is a rather deep RPG aspect including repairs/replacement of equipment. Also gyros affecting how fast you turn and move. You might fall if you turn too fast for the gyros you use. Your pilots level up and you can pick their abilities. A pilot you groom for heavy mechs might be really bad at light mechs. Also a pilot might return from a battle injured and be out for a few missions. And when your pilot dies, he or she dies. There seems to be an interesting meta game after fights. Also an interesting consideration about whether you should leave a fight. Is the bounty going to be enough? Maybe I can take the hit on my respect from a clan to avoid damage on my mechs.


I believe that the meta is going to be crucial as to whether this game is more than just a decent TT adaptation.


And that is the feeling that I get from the various updates that I get. They know this is important.


Can anyone recommend a video of someone doing just a random contract? I don’t know why but the last three times I tried to find a video “around 3-5 episodes in” it’s ALWAYS the same exact mission. Two players willfully picked that mission over random contracts, and that’s the one type of thing I would want to save for myself, so that’s a little frustrating. I’m also trying to avoid anything from the first hour, and it seems like a pretty scripted/tutorial and I at least want the story to not be spoiled (which is why I keep clicking on videos about 3-5 episodes in). The only one I found (the only one I watched) is the line I made the .gif images from.


Personally I don’t want the actual game spoiled by videos. Maybe that’s just me. I just want to play the game with no preconceived ideas. I’ll just wait for the game. Then I’ll decide. But you do you man. :)


I generally agree, and thankfully the kind of annoying cinematic view EVERY video wants us to desperately like is keeping me from watching too much in any case. I finally did find a video of a random, early mission and literally the camera was too busy pulling around to show the actual shots being fired by an enemy mech, so you just got back in view to see the “-1 evasion” from being fired at. I just don’t get it.


Be at peace, mechwarrior. Your time will come. :)


I think the cinematic thing is on by default, I was watching Quill’s video and it seemed to cut to it sometimes. Quill does play zoomed out otherwise. He seems to generally love the game as well, but he might be getting paid to say that.


I wasn’t big on the cinematic stuff in XCOM, either. I could see it being pretty cool if was done properly; i.e. unique information UI elements shown only during the cinematic, e.g. close-up of a 'mech’s head getting blown clean off with a little caption box next to it “YOUR AC20 DECAPITATES BLOWFLY’S MECH”