Bayonetta 3 on Switch

Also Bayonetta 1 and 2 available for download in Feb!

I wonder if Kamiya will lead. He says he doesn’t do sequels, but he also said he wanted to get his groove back after Scalebound was cancelled.

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There was a Bayonetta 2? :O

I will finally play the bayonettas

One of my favorite series, glad we are getting another one. The only other game in this genre that came close to Bayonetta for me was Metal Gear Rising. Can’t wait, gotta buy a Switch. Wonder what her hairstyle will be this time.

It’s a pretty dark and aggressive trailer. No sass or Nintendo costumes. I’m surprised.

That could change of course.

Oh man, this is such awesome news. 3 Bayonetta games! Looking forward to re-playing the first two again in February. I hope Kamiya’s involved with the sequel. He didn’t work on 2, which was a fantastic game, but it would be nice to see him helm another huge project.

It’s pretty great.

Wow, that’s great news! Feeling very good about the Switch sitting in my closet right now.

Out on 16 Feb. Here’s the "Non-stop Climax Edition - Steelbook, 22 verse cards, sticker sheets:

Single cartridge, contains Bayonetta 2 only. So the first game will be provided as a download code.

Neat find.

Start sewing.

DF have a first look at B2 performance on Switch:

It looks to be mostly the same as the Wii-U version, except it runs better.

Same 720p, both handheld and docked. Same gfx settings in both modes. It just runs worse when in handheld (but still a bit better than Wii-U even then).

TBH it seems a bit of a lazy port.

Yusuke Hashimoto, the producer of Bayonetta 1 and game director on 2, just announced that he’s left Platinum. It’s unclear whether or not he was involved with the third game.

I guess Japan really went on with that idea for a new calendar, unless we are not Feb. 15th.

Releasing 28 October!

The day BEFORE my birthday? What the hell, Nintendo! Now everyone will be too busy in Witch Time to celebrate!

Bayonetta and The Multiverse of Moonlight? Works for me.

Was that spider an explicit Devil May Cry joke? Have they done that before?