Best all time game theme songs?

Do we have a thread on this(thanks @kolbex for the inspiration)? I couldn’t find one, but maybe my search-fu is weaak…

Rules: you need to post an example of your submission. Any platform. Any era.

I’ll submit (probably the first of many):

Ultima 3: Main theme/wandering theme.

I played you nearly 40 years ago, WHY AREN"T YOU OUT OF MY HEAD?!

Of course, the atari version was superior, but why quibble…

How’s about:

This is what immediately came to my mind:

omg, that immediately made me think of this gem:


Basically the entire Street Fighter catalogue? Especially Guile, Ryu and… probably Vega’s theme?

If it isn’t Thief: The Dark Project…

…then it’s gotta be Morrowind.

The assorted Thunderdomes we’ve held have sort of covered this, they just weren’t limited to themes is all.

Thunderdome 1
Thunderdome 2
Thunderdome 3
Thunderdome 4

Still remember the day I first heard this. Perfect mood setter.

@Mr_Bismarck Guile’s theme loses 4 points because to this day I still don’t know if the l is silent or not ;)

Oh, crap, i guess we have to include this, dont we?

It’s starts so strong, but i’d argue it falls off too soon

One of my favorites!

thanks! Ya, i missed all of those…

that’s pretty great!

I give you:

I’d say

is even better, but it’s not the main theme…but what a fantastic tune, i still have it on my play list…

Man when I start a thread it gets about 4 posts in a year :/

Star Control 2 Hyperspace:

3DO version:

The Urquan Masters remix:

I am fond of all of these.

This is probably my favorite piece of game music of all time.

Hell yes. In the pantheon, for sure.

I will fight anyone who foolishly thinks to argue against the WoW theme’s inclusion in the pantheon.

Tell me that opening percussion doesn’t get you JACKED.

I don’t like themes.

There is only one correct answer