Best controller for PC

Ok, I’m looking to finally get a controller for PC.

What are some of the best options? I have read somewhere that most games only really support the X360 controller. Is this true?

I’m not to fussed about wireless. Just needs to have a good feel and good support for games.

360 controller.

Or if you already have a ps3 then you can get a bluetooth adapter and use that.

So the aftermarket PC-controller range is basically pointless? Is the x360 controller just plug and play?

Or follow these directions and plug the PS3 controller into your PS3 port:

Yes and yes. Get the wired one.

Or if you already have one just get the wireless receiver.

Agree on 360 wired being best.

360 wired, no doubt. It’s the only one that will really guarantee compatibility. Wireless has a common problem that Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to fix (right trigger non-functioning) and that developers don’t seem to want to work around sometimes.

I have a Logitech F510 that I like. It has an Xinput mode toggle so programs see it as a 360 controller.

Get this. It’s a 360 controller, only much better.

Better how? Does the d-pad actually work?

I’ve heard horror stories about the 360 d-pad for fighting games, but I’ve never tried cyborg with fighting games, so I can’t comment on that.

What’s great, especially for me, is the ability to switch around the pad and the left stick for the playstation layout. Also, it’s fully programmable.

Just get a x360 controller, wired. You plug it in and it works - amazing. I had an admittedly entry level Logitech pad that was annoying, always needed stuffing around with setup, mapping etc to get working.

If you get excited, upgrade to one of the more exotic ones later.

I got the Razer Onza recently. It’s a 360/pc USB pad, and their d-pad has a different design…similar to the playstation’s plus pad in that the directions are separate buttons. I haven’t tried it yet, so someone else will have to give their opinion.

For fighting games: I’d recommend if you want a pad for PC: Hori Fighting Commander 3.

For a stick: go with a Eightarc stick, unless you can mind a Mad Catz TE 360 stick on sale. (PS3 sticks don’t work with some AMD boards)

Then again, your only options for fighters on PC are SFIV, emulation, and possibly Skullgirls next year.

There’s also BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Guilty Gear X2 #Reload for PC.

I’m going to try to get my PS3 Dualshock working on the PC with that Motioninjoy software via Bluetooth. Googling it I found this Bluetooth Dongle on Amazon for $0.10!

I’m hoping the PS3 controller will be better for flying in BF3.

Can you explain further? How exactly is the D-pad borked?

The real 360 controller? The D-pad is “mushy”, in that you think you pushed right, but it registers up-right or down-right, or sometimes even down or up. It is impossible to many people to play street fighter and pull off a fireball or an uppercut input consistently. (SF4 works around the problem by changing the input.)