Best Games of 2021 thread

Well, I ran across the first “Best of…” list from a prominent outlet for this year, so it’s time for a thread! I assume we’ll have the annual Quarterlies around the start of the new year, but feel free to post your list of favorites here, or any lists you find online.

Old World

Did Tom post a year end best games of 2020? I know we had the quarterlies

Yep, Tom had a best of last year.


I usually really like Pastemagazine’s list every year because it’s slightly different from everyone else’s. Their number 1 really surprised me this year though. All their games leading up to number 1 are so good, I was taken aback. I didn’t know that game had that kind of reception (because of reaction here at Qt3 being the only real barometer I used).

There are 3 or 4 in their top 10 that I agree with. Number 1 and 2, not for me. It’s all subjective.

I played one game on their list, so eh.

Is the list we’re talking about?

Because when your #1 choice is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart all I can say is we’re not remotely on the same wavelength you and I.

Have you played it, or are you assuming it wouldn’t be something you would enjoy?

Returnal (the best game of the year) snubbed again? Also no Kena? Which I thought was better than Death’s Door and a similar kind of game if third person as opposed to overhead.

Haven’t played it because I’m dead certain it’s not my cup o tea. If you’re here to tell me it is in fact the best game this year, I’ll take your word for it. ;)

I haven’t played it - nor any of the other entries in the franchise, but it looked jaw dropping gorgeous and like a good bit of fun from the trailers I watched, so I put it on a Christmas wishlist that my Mom demanded I throw together. These kinds of games tend to be more fun for me than I think they will be, so I’m fairly confident I’ll enjoy it, even if I don’t complete it. Number 1 game of the year? Likely not, though there were several other titles on this list I did super enjoy this year, which made me wonder about your comment on not being remotely on the same wavelength as the author - was it just his number 1 pick that you so strongly disagreed with?

Yeah, it was really just the #1 choice that caused me to question where pastemagazine is coming from.

No major deal of course, it’s like any list, there will be stuff that catches my eye I’ve never thought of I might give a spin. That’s what they’re really useful for.

Just my initial reaction was huh, this is #1?!

I know Tom wasn’t a fan of R&C: Rift Apart but it’s gorgeous and plays great. It’s going to top a lot of lists.

That list felt like something a 13 year old would like. Maybe we need an adult version

Here, let’s have more lists to discuss.

Best board games of 2021.

Here’s Metacritic’s list of best reviewed of 2021:

Someone needs to filter ports out of that to make it interesting, otherwise there’s so many GOTY games from previous years on there because they got ported to Switch this year.

From what I recall from previous years, PasteMagazine is always one of the first ones to put out a list. Looks like the Reno newspaper also got a head start this year:

VERY Nintendo-centric list, that one, near the top. :)

All right, it’s time for the end of the year top 10 knife fights! Come out and play-ee-ay!

I googled top 10 knife fights, and I was excepting someone to have made a list. I wasn’t expecting so many!

Th Man from Nowhere better be in the top 5.