Best Games of 2021 thread

I’m only on number 46, but holy shit, already Mundaun and Tender: Creature Comforts sound amazing. And I’ve never heard of these games before.

Yeah, I’m really keen on playing Mundaun!

Aaaaalmost gives Unpacking its due. But I’m glad to see it up there when other lists and awards have missed it entirely. Kinda shocked by the Chicory placement!

Also Number 1 is a game I’ve never heard of. And it’s a game about games, apparently. It reminds me of how Oscar voters love movies about making movies, so it makes sense that a game website would love a game about games and make it their best game of the year. Although as a gamer, maybe I would also appreciate a game about games.

Another list that’s wrong because it doesn’t include Northern Journey. I predict this will be a consistent trend in all these lists, alas!

It got some discussion in the deckbuilder thread, as well as three GotM mentions here.

I’m just happy to see Echoes of the Eye nearly in the top 10. That’ll shut me up for a few lists at least.

Edit: and wow, they spoil a large part of it and describe it as ‘minor spoilers’.

At least they put the spoiler warning up top, so I didn’t read the rest of that entry. I still have to play the original Outer Wilds.

And I hadn’t heard of their #3 choice, but it apparently has infinite games in it, so your logic checks out.

Oh, I think you’ll see that on a lot of best of lists. I’ve only played the demo, but it’s pretty special and really weird.

At least I’ve heart of Nioh 2. What the heck is Northern Journey. Is this Krok showing off that he has a VR rig again? :-p

No, it’s not VR, just my favourite game of 2021 - or at the very least as enjoyable as Death’s Door - though I suspect it’s not got quite the same appeal. Found it purely by accident on Twitter after the Dusk dev was raving about it. It was never going to win any GOTY awards because Gaming, but I hope more people discover it.

I’m kind of intrigued. I didn’t like Dusk though, does that mean I’ll probably not like this one? Will I run out of ammo and have to quit like in that game?

Read my review of the game on the Store page (should should up as we’re Steam friends). It’s not really an FPS as such. It’s a little bit RPG, a little bit FPS, a little bit walking simulator. Ammo is plentiful, and while there’s lots of combat it’s not really the focus of the game (although there’s plenty of it). I can’t say whether you’ll fall in love like I did, but I hope you do if you try it.

I had missed this game as well, but looking into it Inscryption is by the same guy behind Pony Island and The Hex, both excellent games - and also games about games. That’s all I needed to hear to pick this up, and will hopefully play it over Christmas. And from the little I’ve read, it’s best going in as blind as possible, the same as his previous games.


10 Best Games

5 Best PC exclusives

And here’s the New Yorker’s list, for all us snobs out there.

(Lake and TOEM are a couple unique additions!)

Toem was on Polygon’s list as well.

I don’t think “Before your eyes” was on any of the other lists I’ve seen, so I think that’s a unique addition.

Also, I’m kind of numb to the big triple-A releases and where they show up and where they don’t, so I’m surprised to see Resident Evil 8 show up on several lists. It didn’t get favorable buzz here at Qt3.

It was in Paste’s as well from the start of the thread, and having played through it this weekend, it will be on my personal list as well. One of those games that will stay with you for quite a while.

My version.

I buy Inscryption at #1 though