Best Games of 2021 thread

This game is grindy as hell

How did I not realize this before?? I mean, one of them raises alligators for god’s sake, these aren’t real people!

I was playing with a couple of friends so there was a lot of blocking shots and so much going on in fights that it wasn’t quite so easy to parse the tactical aspects amid the chaos. I will say, some of the weapons were bloody satisfying though! Maybe solo was a better way to experience it. We mixed our gear up and tried different synergies but… I dunno, it didn’t click in the same way as, say, Helldivers did. There were also some alarming difficulty spikes after whole sessions of little resistance too. Oh and bugs! We left playing it for weeks, maybe a couple of months, but we encountered a lot more bugs than expected; one requiring solo play to push progress along to ‘unjam’ some borked mission scripting. I dare say many of them were just related to the multiplayer!

Crocodiles. Please <undefinedusername> you hurt their feelings if you <undefineduseraction>.

I even stopped and thought about it for a second! MY SINCERE APOLOGIES TO SMAUG AND FRIENDS.

Possibly, I can only speak from experience but I didn’t encounter any issues playing solo. I’d read about difficulty spikes, but there are areas where enemies are clearly marked with a much higher level number and a red skull (well, I guess you can miss that amidst the chaos) and that’s your cue to get the hell out of there! In general though some tactical application was enough to get past most of them. One mission had me defending a hacking console for 90 seconds, that was a bit tougher once the big guns turned up, but I used the scenery (and shooting over cover) to my advantage and got through it.

Multiplayer can be satisfying in its own chaotic way, but solo forces you to think tactically to get through things, using the right weapons and abilities, swapping them out if necessary.

Smaug has decided not to eat you. Possibly because he’s just eaten a 15 kg wallaby.

1-20-2022 10-05-20 PM

14kg, sure, but of course he couldn’t eat a 33 pound wallaby, much too big.

Oh yeah, we avoided or at the very least had a poke at the red skull enemies! We were definitely aware of the no-go zones. I think some of our favourite moments involved holding out until an objective was complete. Lots of talk before ‘hitting the button’. That’s actually something we’ve been loving about Aliens: Fireteam Elite, which has been surprisingly great so far.

Yeah, I can definitely appreciate this. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t think co-op always makes a game better: more input = more output so it makes it trickier to read and understand. At least solo it’s just your input!

DICE awards

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The IGF Awards were tonight, and Inscryption dominated:

Best Student Game
Live Adventure (Live Adventure Team)

Excellence in Design
Inscryption (Daniel Mullins Games)

Excellence in Visual Art
Papetura (Petums)

Excellence in Audio
Inscryption (Daniel Mullins Games)

Nuovo Award
Memory Card (Lily Zone)

Excellence in Narrative
Inscryption (Daniel Mullins Games)

Audience Award
Mini Motorways (Dinosaur Polo Club)

Seumas McNally Grand Prize
Inscryption (Daniel Mullins Games)

They were followed by the Game Developers Choice Awards, where indies also fared well, with Inscryption taking Game of the Year and Unpacking winning Audio and Innovation.

Best Debut
Iron Gate Studio for Valheim

Best Visual Art
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Best Audio
Unpacking (Witch Beam / Humble Games)

Best Narrative
Psychonauts 2 (Double Fine Productions / Xbox Game Studios)

Social Impact Award
Boyfriend Dungeon (Kitfox Games)

Innovation Award
Unpacking (Witch Beam / Humble Games)

Best Technology
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games / Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Best Design
It Takes Two (Hazelight Studios / Electronic Arts)

Audience Award
Valheim (Iron Gate Studio / Coffee Stain Publishing)

Game of the Year
Inscryption (Daniel Mullins Games / Devolver Digital)

None of these lists appeal to me. Although I have played exactly 1 game released in 2021. Hitman 3. Thanks to the backlog and a penchant for playing 100+ hour CRPGs I only play a half-dozen games a year.

Good news is I finally fill caught up in that department.

Stating playing DOOM (2016). I love the game introduction. Wake up on a demonic ritual slab in a high tech medbay. The demon invasion is already in full swing. Bust out out and grab the armor. Some honcho type tries to contact you via a computer and make some kind of shady proposition, immediately thrash the computer.

Curious about Inscryption. Is it scary? I am squeamish and avoid horror games.

Nah, I’d say it’s more sinister than scary. Also keep in mind that it’s turn based so you control the pacing, the game doesn’t try to make you panic or anything.

It’s got at least one thing in it that made me wince but aside from that you should be okay.

oh yeah, right - content warning: self mutilation

My experience with Inscryption, which I’ve yet to get back to, is that it is hardly scary or creepy or anything of the sort. It just has a weird aesthetic. Perhaps YMMV? For instance, I found Layers of Fear to be quite creepy, but others would think it has too many jump/startle scares to fit the mood.

It may be because Inscryption is a card game. That’s not really immersive for me; it’s equivalent to sitting across from someone in real life, playing a board game.

it’s creepypasta