Best online Board Game supplier

I’ve been using ebay for everything, but I dont particularly like ebay. Has anyone used Thought Hammer? Fun Again?

Thoughts on which has the best prices/service?

I can’t speak to their service, because I’ve not ordered from them yet, but the prices at Fair Play Games seem substantially lower than Fun Again. I’ve always had good service from Fun Again.

I’ve used Funagain, though not in the last year. I’ve always been happy with their service.

Thought Hammer has about the same prices as Fair Play. I may give them a go.

Funagain is my supplier of last resort. I comparison shop at Cardhaus and Thought Hammer first. They all have excellent service in my experience.

Cardhaus sends me discount codes once in a while, so they end up with most of my business.

Boulder Games for me. Their site is rather ass, but they are in the same state as me (I pay tax, but they reduce shipping costs) and have the lowest prices I’ve seen.

I have shopped from both Fair Play and Thought Hammer. Both orders went very smoothly, no problems at all. Never had to return anything so I don’t know how their customer service works.

Game Surplus!

Excellent customer service, wide selection, great prices. They’re in southern Pennsylvania, so if you’re in the Maryland area it’s practically overnight shipping for normal shipping prices.

Can’t recommend them enough.


I’ve used Thought Hammer over and over again for some fairly large orders. They have been absolutely great. has prices that are hard to beat and excellent service. They are more focused on wargames, but seem to have quite a few Euros and other games as well.

Thoughthammer is my online boardgame merchant of choice.

Thoughthammer, thoughthammer, thoughthammer. is good too.

I’ve placed about 4 different orders with and found that they often have prices that are much lower than Funagain and some of the others I’ve checked out. I’ve never had a problem with shipping and everything arrives timely and securely packed.

We just bought Memoir '44 from them for $32.75. Funagain’s price was $45.85 and Thought Hammer’s price was $35.

Another vote for Timewellspent. I’ve been very happy with them. I usually use Thoughthammer if I want to preorder something though, as TWS doesn’t allow you to order anything not in stock.

I live in the seattle area, and ordered from a bunch. Their prices are as low as tnywhere else (thoughthammer etc.), with the added bonus of being able to just drive over and pick up my stuff from thier wharehouse. I can’t do that now though, as they just moved to Spokane. Their shipping rates are pretty good anyway, and their service has always been great.

Figured I’d second this recommendation. A couple of my boardgaming buddies who run a regular weekly session are big fans of Considering you can get the $50 Days of Wonder games from them for $30-$35 it’s pretty apparent why. They also rave about the customer service and the knowledge of games they have.

I’ve used amazon and they are fine. I got Descent and WoW:BG board-games from them. The box for WoW was absolutely massive.

What’s the best Axis & Allies type game these days? We usually break out Risk at the yearly family shindig at the lake house, and I would like to bring something a little more interesting this time.

Time Well Spent for me. Dave (the owner), is also really great about taking special requests.

My ordering preference:

  1. Time Well Spent
  2. Boulder Games
  3. Thought Hammer
  4. Fairplay Games
  5. Funagain

Funagain has some sales that can beat other prices, and they sometimes have exclusies not found anywhere else.

I buy way too many games…

That’s tough, how long would you want to spend on the game? I honestly really like the new version of Axis and Allies that they released a little while ago. I’ve heard decent things about Attack! with the expansion. Not sure what else.