Bin Laden been dead'n

President to give a live address any moment, cable news going nuts

My guess… Bin Laden is confirmed dead.!/jacksonjk/status/64879954264997888

House Intelligence committee aide confirms that Osama Bin Laden is dead. U.S. has the body.

From a CBS news producer.

Whoa. Switching to network TV…

Fox news just reported Bin Laden is dead from sources in the white house.

CNN is saying Bin Laden is dead now as well.

CNN also going with the same report, saying USA has the body.

CNN, NYT and also NBC reporting bin Laden.


I never thought I’d see this happen.

I hope a Delta Force operator got him and I hope he saw it coming.

Yes, they did a DNA test on it.

Bets on where he was killed? Afghanistan? Pakistan?

My money’s on Pakistan.

What’s a decade between friends, right guys?

Still. Motherfucker more than had it coming.

Bush finally makes good on his threat, “dead or alive.” Or wait, is it he’s “truly not concerned about him?” Bush, that ol’ rascal.

White House stream.

Thank you so much. I hate the talking heads on TV.

I heard it was a predator drone. A drunk one.

This is one of those times I am happy to admit I was wrong.

It’s weird; I thought I would be happier at this news. I guess watching Geraldo experience live orgasmic joy muted my reaction. I am glad to see justice done. I hope this brings the 9/11 and other terror survivors some peace.

Other than revenge, how much does this mean operationally any more? Other than another leader removed, does this reduce any organization’s ability to strike at the West? I don’t even know what his role was these days. Is it getting another number 2? Is it one more dead jihadi or something more?

Here’s to hoping this stiffens our resolve and doesn’t delude anyone into thinking it’s all over and we can be done.

Honestly I don’t care. I think our righteous indignation at what he did, as a political tactic, is uncalled for after nearly 10 years of war and untold civilian casualties by our own hands. You may think it more justified and we certainly profess regret. But we continue to engage in that behavior. Our own hands are no less bloody.

Since he was a demonstrated and active threat, if killing him is our best move, then so be it. Beyond that, it’s empty posturing.