Black friday list


Why you screamin’?

It sounds like the WalMart Gamecube deal is the smokin’ one for people that don’t have a Cube yet. A black Cube, one controller, and the Zelda compilation disc for $79.44.

Yeah, I’d guess these will sell out fast, though. Best be rising with the sun to grab one of these.

What’s stupid is that the Zelda disk doesn’t include the Zelda game that was part of the other Zelda compilation, the one that was never released as a standalone game in the U.S.

Some great deals on over priced soap and candles can be found at Bath and Body Works where my wife manages. She works 11:00 tonight until 11:00 Friday morning. PLease say a little prayer for her sanity and mine while I watch our young 'un.

When watching children, the night shift is always the best bet. :)

I believe they’re offering it online as well.

The niftiest deal I saw was the Simpsons season 1 for like $12 at, I think, Best Buy.

I ran down to BB and grabbed a 100pack of fuji DVD+R media for ~$100, and the Maxtor 120g for ~$50 after MIR’s.

:P :P :P

I love the internet- I found out that Best Buy was selling a LITE-ON DVD recorder for $80 during the Black Friday sale but I didn’t really feel like getting up at 0430 to go stand in line to ensure I got one. Instead, I stopped and picked it up on my home from work on Wednesday. Then this morning I walked in at 1030 and pricematched it long after they had sold out of them.

Dear god, it was a zoo at Best Buy today. I was going to buy a Gamecube and get a free personal CD player, but I gave up. The checkout line snaked all through the store and people were waiting in it for up to an hour or more. The Simpsons DVD thing was sold out too. I was gonna get it.

I’m… at work.

I hate you all.

Magnolia Hi-Fi had the Pioneer VSX-47TX THX-Ultra2 receiver, 130W x 6, for $1499, + $100 in store rebate (originally $3,000). This puppy weighs 63lbs, and has the same ampliifer section as the $4,000 VSX-49TXi, but only one SHARC DSP. It’s a year-old model, and a tweener to boot (it wasn’t the high end, but too expensive to be a midrange option).

I’m observing Buy Nothing Day.

Course, being broke really helps.

Fry’s opened at 6am for their Thanksgivingday sale.

Knowing that, I got to Fry’s at 5:30am. There were already 200 crazier people in line ahead of me. Which was good, because I had to park right about where the queue began… the neighboring Kmart parking lot.

I picked up a WD 8Mb 160GB drive for $60, a Maxtor 8Mb 60GB drive for $30, and a stick of mushkin DDR 2100 256MB for $10.

All 50 checkout counters were going, which let me get out of their by 6:20am.

Hah! You must have been one the loonies I saw at Fry’s. There was such a big queue that I gave up and blew all my budget on toys for the kids at other stores.

Lots and lots of pudgy computer admins with ill-advised facial hair…

My Best Buy was like that too, Mark. I got in line and clocked progress for 5 minutes and decided to wait it out. It wasn’t too bad, about another 30 minutes after that. I was getting 3 GameCube ‘starter kits’ for $10 each (controller & 2 extension cords each) and the GC Star Wars Clone Wars game for $10. To go with the GameCube I picked up at Walmart just before going to Best Buy (I wasn’t interested in the cd player, and knew I’d have a better chance of actually getting it at Walmart).

Around the middle of the line they told people with Best Buy cards to go to the customer service desk to check out with ‘VIP’ treatment. I assumed they’d take anyone signing up for a card too, and sure enough they said that specifically a few minutes later. But I didn’t go for it - I really didn’t want their card, and I guessed that they really didn’t have any magic at the 2 customer service registers that made the lines there disappear. The main line was for ‘all’ of the other registers, of course so it moved pretty well.

It turned out the ‘VIP line’ would have saved ~5 minutes if I’d taken it right away - I recognized people still in it who’d been near me in line when they left for it. I think I prefer spending the 5 minutes than filling out their application form, but I’ll keep it in mind for next year if it looks like I may go back. If I had the card ahead of time and went straight to that line it would have made the morning a little quicker.

But I got everything I was after at 3 stores and was home before 9am, so it went pretty well for me.

The other really fun deal I got was a 5’ air hockey table for $50 at Walmart. Now I just have to convince my wife we can make room for it - we already have a pinball machine and foosball table eating up space in the basement. And also convince her that we should keep the GameCube, for the children, of course.

I got an MP3 player with a voice recorder today. It wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t get to Circut City until almost 7pm.

What can anyone tell me about Iriver or the device I bought, an Iriver iFP-180T. The price was right. I basically just wanted it for recording interviews and then storing them on my computer.

Best Buy had Warlords IV packaged w/ Warlords Battlecry II when I went today. And the new KoRn CD for $13.99…since I know you are all interested in that, too.

Just to iterate my earlier post- I urge everyone next Thanksgiving to find out what’s going to be on sale early using the internet. You can buy the items at your convenience earlier in the week and then go Friday during sale hours to price match. This means:

a) No need to wake up at the crack of dawn- just get to the store before the morning sale is over

b) No worry that the item is sold out- you’ve already bought it

c) The customer service line is much shorter than the checkout line. I waited in line for less than ten minutes.

Did anyone have something like this happen?