Blade Runner 2!?


At one point they reflect light, kind of like an animal’s (or a replicant’s).


Ha ha, you’re thinking of a Terminator. Even though he’ll be back, I’m pretty sure Deckard is NOT a Terminator.



Yeah, that’s my interpretation too. Deckard’s is a test model to see if a replicant could be a good Blade Runner (a job that humans, going by the movie, are not very good at anymore). The police are on it and therefore that’s why nobody seems to be very friendly with him. Like at all. He has no family, no friend, no lover…


If eyes glowing red is a way to tell a replicant, isn’t a gross physical change like that rather more reliable than any silly psych test? Or do you mean it’s the director’s way of hinting it by arranging the lighting in the scene? But yeah, it’s been a long time and I hardly remember any details anymore myself.


Voight-Kampff Test v2.0

“Do you dream about unicorns?”


They did, although I remember reading somewhere, I believe it was a Scott interview, that was supposed to be a visual cue to the audience rather than something that existed in the world for the characters. Roy, Pris, Leon, etc. all had their eyes flash like that.

It’s borderline, as Deckard wasn’t the original Blade Runner on the case; Holden was, until he asked Leon the wrong question about a turtle in a generic desert (it doesn’t matter why he was there).

You could then say that Tyrrel then intervened with this test, even though it’s questionable. The show Tyrrel then makes of how many questions it takes for the Voight-Kampff to detect Rachael could be used to undermine that line of reasoning, but in the end, it’s what we make of it. Nothing that the God of Motion Picture Narrative wouldn’t let you into Heaven for. With my steadfast determination to keep Deckard human, though, I am not far behind you in the line for indulgences.


My gripe with Deckard being a replicant is that it messes up two of the story’s core principles:

First, that the Earth is so paranoid about replicants that killing them on sight in public is allowed without so much of a ‘how do you do’. Doesn’t make much sense to send another replicant to run around freely with a gun and a licence to kill. Futhermore, why would you build a world-weary, drinking, middle-aged, physically inferior gumshoe that feels pain to hunt superhumans?

Second, replicants can be identified because they can’t produce subtle human emotions. In that regard, not only is Deckard very convincing, but he’s also able to administer the Voight-Kampff test to Rachel, who is an experimental replicant that has implanted memories, something that is not even publicly known to exist.

Wow, getting into that subject made me look at a lot of things about the movie. By the way, what’s the position on deleted scenes? Has the Movie Pope taken a stance on how they can be used to interpret canonical movie material?



Deckard being a replicant completely fucks over the more human than human theme. All the replicants are so much more vibrant and alive than him. Deckard being more of an automaton than the machines he’s charged to hunt down and learning to reconnect to his humanity through them is a story. Deckard being a replicant is a “clever” twist, but ultimately hollow and more proof that Scott should only ever execute a story, not have any influence over it.



Too bad he won’t live. But then again, who does?


But he’ll see things you people won’t believe!


If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.


Good news! Sony has picked up the worldwide distribution rights to Blade Runner 2. Principal photography is set for July.


That’s good news?


With Roger Deakins shooting it? He even made In Time look good. Imagine what Los Angeles of 2050 or so is going to look like!

Probably sunny, actually, and maybe Deckard can finally clear up that replicant thing.

Well, it [I]could[/I] be good news!


As mentioned at the A.V.CLUB, it means the film is probably going to be made.

Sony has picked up the worldwide distribution rights to the movie, which—combined with Warner Bros.’ commitment to handle U.S. distribution—basically means that the project will actually happen.

I usually don’t excited for any film project before filming has finished because they so frequently fall apart or fail in execution, but I can’t help but have really high hopes for this movie considering the cast and crew involved. It sounds almost too good to be true!


Fortunately, Blade Runner 2 is a Denis Villeneuve movie. To me, that bodes even better than Deakins shooting it.



I don’t expect it to be phoned in with talent like that, but I’ll probably consider this to be noncanonical to the original.


Release date announced.

January 12th, 2018.