Blade Runner 2!?


I think I’m even more excited about this than the actual sequel


I’m still hyped for this, especially after Denis said he considers it his best work in the NYT feature posted above, but Wired’s in-depth article seems to suggest that despite giving Villeneuve the project, Ridley Scott isn’t necessarily happy with that decision.

Later, I asked Scott what it was about Villeneuve that made him comfortable handing over the keys to his beloved Blade Runner.

“I wasn’t,” he says.

He wasn’t?

“No. But waiting for me to direct it would have only gotten in the way, and Denis was our best option, by far.” He smiles, before adding cryptically, “It takes one to see one.”


This video feature offers the most encouraging footage of the film so far (warning, contains hologram nudity):

YT Trailer


Thank god Ridley was too busy dragging Alien farther into the hole of crap to do the same to Blade Runner.



Villeneuve’s track record is remarkable and I couldn’t be happier he’s working on the sequel to one of my favourite movies. If Enemy’s his worst then count me in. I’m also really excited to hear what Jóhann Jóhannsson does with the soundtrack.

Edit: ah, Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch are doing it instead.


Vice, after visiting the set last year, have released a behind-the-scenes making of 'Blade Runner 2049, where they tour the production and art departments.


It’s tracking decently, but it’s going to require strong word of mouth to get a return. Fortunately, early reactions to Denis Villeneuve’s sequel are extremely positive.

Shinichiro Watanabe’s short film is out, too.


98% on RT (IGN gave it a 9.7) so hopefully the word of mouth it does it is justified. I’m sort of shocked by how much critics seemed to have enjoyed it, I’d largely been ignoring it.


I think even the studios were surprised by the reviews, since just a couple of days ago, the review embargo for press was set for Monday. The promotional material hasn’t exactly inspired confidence, but I love the director’s work, and some of the production details had me intrigued, so I’ve been following it pretty closely. 2049’s the most expensive R-rated independent production ever, and will be the longest blockbuster since Interstellar.


Work will be skipped on the 6th.


Where can I stream the first movie?


Never mind. Google lists several sites where you can stream it for ~$2.99. I need to keep current with the new technology and stuff. ;)


Still not going to a movie theatre obviously, but my hopes are starting to rise for when this gets the home release!


This is one of the few we will see in the theater. I want to see Victoria & Abdul, too, but will wait for that on a streaming service I think.


I’d watch it except for Gosling. God he’s terrible. Every film he’s in he looks lost and confused.


This will always be my go-to counterpoint for any Gosling hate:


Man, that overhead shot of the two people falling and one of them hits the pool and the other one splats… that was great.

That film actually looks decent, somehow missed it.


The Nice Guys is one of my favourite movies of 2016, but even if you don’t care for it overall, you can’t deny that Gosling’s sleazy scumbag detective comic timing is pretty impeccable.


Which is probably perfect for this movie…


Critics say this movie is better than the original, it’s going to be a huge hit.


I’ve never seen the original! Crap!


Just reserved seats for this with me and the boy. We watched Blade Runner TFC this weekend and enjoyed it, though we didn’t necessarily love it. Kind of a plodding pace, I felt, with too many moments of introspection and silence and moody glares and cars flying through the rain for just a bit too long. TFC version looked really amazing in HD though, and overall it was a cool story told in a cool way.

I’m a little concerned, the sluggish pace being my only real negative to the first film, as I see this new one is… two hours and forty four minutes!? That seems excessive to me. But the reviews so far (without reading any, just looking at scores and RT) are just incredible. Too good to ignore.