Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over

Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over Cyanide Studios has announced Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition. Like the first game’s Legendary Edition, this standalone sequel bundle includes all the DLC that’s been released plus a locker room full of new murderous players and features. Purchasers will get the base game’s eight races, the eight additional races from the DLC, and eight new races for the Legendary Edition like Halflings, Amazons, and Vampires. A new solo campaign, a team editor, and more cheerleaders (really!) round out some of the additions. New cheerleader models (not one per team, but a bit more diversity). Cheerleaders will have the same colors as the team they’re supporting. Owners of the regular game can upgrade to the Legendary Edition with a discount, but even folks that hold back will be allowed to play against Legendary Edition owners thanks to cross-version compatibility. Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is aiming for a summer launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Sweet, glad I waited because I KNEW they’d do this.


Yep me too. I only really ever play it single player so I didn’t mind waiting.


I own the base game , I am fine with this. The only bummer is I guess I shouldn’t buy more DLC for the base version? or does that carry over to the new one?


Will the AI know how to play the game?


Bahahahahahahaaa. Ow.


I’m pretty sure the notes mention that the AI will be better. Specifically, it will now take what turn the game is on into account. So it will be receiving a basic feature!


I hope the AI gets way more than that.


Unlikely, did they ever even figure out how to program a non-retarded windowed mode (thinking of BB1)?


Sorry Cyanide, fool me once … yadda yadda, … you have fooled me 4 times with your Blood Bowl games and the UI is still torturous. BB2 UI is worse than the first due to someone hacking the 1st and adding much needed on-screen info and controls. I’M DONE!!


What do you mean? A mod for the first made the UI better than the 2nd game? I never tried any mods with the 1st game. I thought the in-game UI is a lot better in 2, and it seemed that was the better consensus from what I have read. I can’t stand the managerial/setup UI, but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I must really suck at the game. I found the AI in 2 to be decent. Yes, it obviously has no clue what turn it is, and I almost always win, but it made me think and I thought it was still fun. I really enjoyed the 1st and 2nd games.


The BB2 UI is miles better than the first, being able to see what % complex manevouers have instead of having to thnk those was a very needed improvement.


I never played 2 because 1 had effectively no AI.

It played all teams like Wood Elves… played by someone with no concept of strategy or the rules.

It was actually an honest question for the most part. The first reports of BB2 weren’t promising, but I never looked into it.


I wasn’t trying to comment on your question, was more just commenting at how bad I must be judging by the AI complaints in this and other threads. I always won easily in the 1st game, but still thought it was fun. In the second, I felt more challenged by the AI, but I am obviously not the person to ask. My guess if you didn’t like the AI in the 1st, the 2nd is not going to impress you. It really is silly when on the last turn of the half, the AI is trying to run the ball in when it is physically impossible for them to score. They do seem better about making cages though and physical teams aren’t trying to pass the ball like they sometimes did in the 1st game.


Tbh, I’ve seen many human players do this too.

But yes, as much as I think BB2 is excellent (and the few gripes that I have addressed by the LE) the game itself is not really meant for the kind of progression a SP campaign brings. At around 30 matches or so per team the balance breaks and very specific builds prevail. Things like disabling aging or doing resurrection leagues go against the spirit of the game and become empty team building exercises. Of course, I realize some people like that, and options are welcome, but it is diluting the design of the game.

It is an MP game, I think, and the MP is excellent, specially in the non-concede open championship they recently opened. Actually that change (limiting concedes per coach) is the single most important change the game needed.

And however says BB1 UI was better needs some serious eyesight check :P. BB2 UI with the skills brought up (pressing control twice) is basically perfect.


This looks interesting.



Which team gets the bear?


Norse? Ulfenwerer or something iirc.


Those used to be trolls. I think it might be Kislev. They are a new team, but based on an existing team that didn’t make the cut.