Blood Bowl 2 asks for a do-over


Not many races I havent played. I went chaos here just due to the fact we came in halfway. First match was a tie 1-1 had a chance to take the win mid second half but he played a nice recovery and sealed the tie. Thanks again for the invite! Played table top years ago ( 15) in college and absolutely love the game.


I watched the second half of your match. James is a pretty good player (got to the playoffs last league) and ran a good attack, but not air tight. It was a good match, at least the half I watched.


Yes excellent game. James did a nice job of pulling me to far out of range to recover. i realized to late I was over drawn :)


Thank you for reminding me of that (i was the lizard). Now that i think of that play, i should have made a loose cage instead of a tight one so Juan got even less chance of doing that but oh well.

Atleast my players bathed in skaven blood and got some nice level ups out of it.


You also were very unlucky in your saurus injury rolls, losing 2 of them and very conservative with your skinks in defense and offense. That meant you spent all your offensive players in your cage and unless you brought back the skinks into the game, it was going to be a log to advance those last 6-8 spaces (I think you had no rerolls left? I can’t remember). Honestly, I was not expecting to score, but to take the ball out from the Krox and hope the rain made you fail the pickups.

But it was a very close and very good game. You did a great job of keeping my numbers down (I’m going to be suffering those consequences for a while) so to make my game really hard. I think it should have been a tie, but I got lucky in the couple of places where it mattered.


Yep i didnt know what to do with the skinks most of the game and should have been more agressive with them. Was the more interesting game i had in the league so far :p


My killing streak has ended and I was unable to do any serious damage to the Pillage People. I even fouled them a few times. They bought a bribe, and then the game threw a couple of bribes out to both teams on kickoffs, so fouling was very common. Anyway to tell how many bribes your team has?

I was able to give them a loss. I failed my first two Going for Its, and was bemoaning that fact. After that, Lady Luck smiled on me. Well, except for Injuries. One of my saurii got a serious concussion, and I was only able to able to dish out a minor injury, despite many more successful blocks and his terrible armor rating. At the end of the game he did have 4 KO’d men lying next to the one injured player.


I just played a game against wood elves with my lizards, in which i inflicted a total of 2 KOs and 1 injure. I could barely break his armor, It didn’t go well for me.

Damm you nuffle.


Was the injury one with lasting effects? On a good player???

I’m playing him next :P


You wish.

Also i played really badly.


Had an incredible game against the second best team (Jeff’s Pillage People). My team was woefully underdeveloped, and the Wizard I managed to buy was not very effective.

However, late first half I managed to get me in a position to maybe win the game scoring twice to none in one half.

And just right that two consecutive ones ended my turn short, not only taking away the score, but allowing him to throw like 6 blocks at me, one after the other. Causing several injuries and giving me such a disadvantage that I though the match was done for.

But then a crazy kick off event in the second half and some good play allowed me to yet score again.

Jeff managed to tie the game (I made a slight defensive mistake and he succeeded in several rolls, but by that time I had like 3-4 players on the pitch, so I couldn’t do much other than wait for his mistake).

At the end I got a draw against a more developed team, and the most fun match I’ve played in a long time.

I also managed to take out permanently one of his best players (he had to fire it) and suffered no permanent damage on my side.

Right now the positions 2 to 7 in the leader board have only a 5 point spread between them!!! This is a tight league.


Do you guys stream your matches?


I had a great game against the number one team, despite my lizards being totally unable to do any damage. Some of that was my fault as I started the game with a small team of skinks. I just don’t know how to handle elves yet, but skinks aren’t the answer. I had over twice as many blocks, but caused fewer injuries. I didn’t even stun that many.

Plus, the elves didn’t fail a single pass attempt. I had a couple of chances for a draw, but got a couple of bad rolls. One was on a turnover, falling down on a single 83% Going for It roll. My big guy failed his loner roll, so I couldn’t use the team reroll.

One highlight was a successful handoff to a lineman on the last play of the first half to score a touchdown. That made it a 3-2 game at the half, and I tied it up after the half because he had to kickoff to me. I just couldn’t keep him from scoring. I also struggled to keep my cage intact to even grind out a draw, because my big guy would choose the worst times to take a nap, or some other silly situation would arise. Those often being his blitzers taking out my heavily armored lizards, while I could barely scratch his naked elves.

Finally, he just outcoached me. I made a couple of mistakes, but if he did, I am not skilled enough to see them. It was a great game in a great league.


I don’t think anyone is streaming in an official capacity, but I’ve heard some league members are watching league games they aren’t participating in. @Juan_Raigada will likely know the details on that.


The Blood Bowl 2 game allows to watch any match currently being played by any player worldwide (just search by coach or team name). I’m unsure about past matches.

If you are in a league you have one week to rewatch any match from that league through the league interface, but if you are not in the league I’m not sure what happens with already finished matches. My guess would be that they will be available if you look for them, but I haven’t tested.


It would be cool to open a streaming channel somewhere to store all matches, though. Never done that before, and with a 23 days old baby I’m busy enough with just playing my matches :)


He has a one turn scorer. Until that guy dies (hopefully before the playoffs) it will be incredibly hard to beat that team. He’s had probably the best level up rolls I’ve ever seen.

In my match against him I brought him down to 5 players at some point, but he succeeded all 6 recovery rolls (all were KOs) so that was it.

Guys: foul that one turn scorer…


Unfortunately, he is a smart enough coach to only play him on his offensive turns. Since he scored on every single offensive play, I never even had a chance to touch him. He would have had to fail a dodge or going for it roll and injure himself. I actually really like how crazy stuff like this comes up in Blood Bowl, even when it goes against me.

That player has two MA bonuses doesn’t he? I think he can move 10 spaces and he has Sprint.


Yep, two MA bonuses, sprint and sure feet. He does have AV6, so he’s incredibly vulnerable to fouls.

In my game against him I was able to foul once, but sadly it was just a KO (which he recovered from as explained above).


Back in the day playing tabletop, tournament semi-final, last turn, my one turn scorer goes for it for the win. Double one. Fails armour roll. Dies.