Blood Bowl Beta announced, site opened

I know I’ve made a proper git of myself with my fanboyism for Blood Bowl… but they announced today that that they are taking registrations for a multiplayer beta to be released “soon” (for some value of the word “soon”), and that the main Blood Bowl site is now open. Awesome Awesome stuff. The beta of course, will be limited (humans v orcs at the human team’s stadium), but I’m having a hard time waiting :) Love the 3d graphics of the various races on the page, etcetera.

Signed up. :) Wheee

Wheee is definitely the word, Dreamshadow :) They also announced that extra races will be available in someway after game’s release (first two will be Dark Elves and Undead, apparently)

WHoop!! Not sure if my PC will run it, but I am down.

The one half bad thing about recent news is that the 360 version has been held back till September due to further tweaking of the Real Time Mode . But that just means to me, PC first, 360 later :)

This will make my buddy happy, he’s a big Darkside Cowboys fan.

I have a much harder decision ahead, cuz I lurves me a lot of races (except those stinkin’ panzee git elves).

Thanks for the notice, I signed up.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this game, even breaking my mostly adhered to rule of not getting interested in a game or following development prior to release.

Gah! Quit telling people about the beta, you drop my chances of getting in! :)

Hahahahah… do you think I told everyone before I applied? Besides, it’s first come, first served, apparently ;)

Undead, yeah! Dark Elves are also cool, though.

What’s the word on Starforce for the PC version?

almost definitely not, Jasper.

To get things back on track… if you used the blitz mode, there’s various items that provide bonuses… Leading to this picture

“Welcome… to Pimp My Skaven…”

That’s horrible… I love it. It looks like something a skaven would wear.

The beta started today, a buddy of mine got in and says it’s just incredible. He’s a huge fan of the board game (we all are, from our High School days) and he said it’s not only a superb translation, but gorgeous and tremendous fun to boot. Anyone else in the beta? Impressions?


Almost definitely?

Guess that means I’m almost definitely getting this game then. :-/

Is your friend playing the TB mode? Because that’s the one I’m interested in. I hope they do that part well. I’ll settle for a good realtime game, but I’m really interested in a faithful adaptation of the board game here. Next, they can translate Arkham Horror.

Yeah, TB all the way for us. In fact, now that he’s tried the Turn Based mode, he isn’t even interested in TRYING the real time mode, since he’s sure nothing will be better than what he’s doing now. He can’t get enough, he’s having a blast and the folks he’s playing against have been tremendously cool folks to game against.

Yay! I just got my beta invite! Wave 2 went out today, looks like!