Bloodborne - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor's Spiritual Successor

I didn’t know PS games had mods, I thought that was a PC thing. As you can tell I don’t do PS very much.

I’m sure it’s a very invasive process, not like in the PC sense. He might not even release this.

I am always amazed what modders can do. I have been watching a guy play thru Dark Souls 3 using a mod that adds enemies. Apparently you can do 3, 4 or 5 times the normal enemies, and that includes bosses. He is playing in a group, so the mod really makes it look fun, whereas group play on normal mode looks very boring.

restarting for a 3rd time. I never played past the machine gunner. It is always a great feeling when you beat Father Gascoigne, I used a bit the music box, a bit molotow cocktails. Took me “only” 10 tries ;) I feel this time I will make it further into the game. Something strange happened in the cathedral area, I was lifted up in the air when I picked up a set of clothing. I was floating for a couple of seconds, then I dropped back and my health was gone to almost zero. Strange.

Not to spoil anything but that will all be made clearer later, and I am surprised it didn’t kill you.

Gascoigne is a great early game fight. In fact in my opinion the early bosses in this game are tougher than the several you meet later in the game. BB doesn’t hold your hand in the early going.

also, how does coop work? I have like 3 bells in my inventory, and the one for coop does not work. I actually cannot use any? I figured, that insight == humanity/ember. How do I use it…?

You have PS+ right?

yes, I looked it up. You need to go to the second messenger. Never noticed him, and buy the coop bell. I found a guy, Alfred. I wonder what he is all about. I hope he will help me.

Just eldritch shit. I wouldn’t worry about it. :)

Some, but not all bosses have NPC’s available. I tried Alfred on that boss and he wasn’t much help. The boss does something that just requires you be able to react to it. There is a consumable, can’t remember exactly what it was, that makes the boss much easier to fight solo. I think it was BB version of the DS item Alluring Skulls IIRC. Not sure though.

below the gunner, the great hall with all those red eyed monsters, I wasted all alluring skulls for nothing, now I don’t have them for the boss. This is a new area to me, nothing like the horror of a new area in a souls game.

So when that gunner first opens up on you, that is one of the great WTF? moments in any game.

I was transported to the unseen village, wow. I love the music in this part, constantly playing, it is calm but foreboding. One of my favourite areas in Demons Souls is the Tower of Latria with the singing merchant. This part has similar vibes.

Also burned all my blood vials on the first boss in the first chalice dungeon. I like to fight him, but he is tough. I think I am not strong enough for him at the moment. He has huge reach …

I beat the bloodstarved beast with online help and Alfred. I usually try a couple of times solo, but when I fail to often, I skip it.

Now the game opened up, so many paths to follow.

Probably the best track I’ve ever heard in a game.

Finally got caught up on this thread, glad you played/enjoyed BB @Scuzz!

And welcome to FROM’s finest @newbrof

Hoping we get some sweet BB/DeS/Elden Ring action from sony’s presentation later this week.

Fear the old blood.

There apparently is a rumor, I have tried to watch a youtuber talk about it but the guy was really boring, about Bloodborne being ported to PC. I know you can access it thru PS+, but apparently there are quality issues with that. I know there is the rumor about Demon Souls being ported, but I think that would have been done by now if it was going to be done.

I would love to get more info on Elden Ring.

This is a good reminder. I’ll try to get back to it. It would be a Soulsborne game if I didn’t at least try to do it before giving up and running past it!

Note to self: This is the goal. The pigs, so that I can grind them for experience.

Kolbex was level 145 when facing Lady Maria. I’m level 78. Grind, grind, grind baby. Gotta reach them pigs.

Thank you for calling attention to the fact that I occupy the lowest level of skill one can attain and still be able to finish the game. ;-)

Heh. I thought I remembered a screenshot of your character, but I couldn’t find it upthread. Where did you put all those extra levels? More strength? More stamina? Or hit points? Or all 3?

I can load it up later if you want the breakdown, but I pumped up hp and stam (can’t actually remember what the attributes are called anymore) to the cap (50 maybe), and put the rest into my weapon damage (used Ludwig’s Holy Blade the whole game, experimented with others but it was my true love) until it stopped going up. That’s as good as you can get with grinding, and it still took me what felt like 50 (but might have been fewer) tries to beat Orphan.