Bloodborne Remastered for PS5

So glad I didn’t play this yet.

I guess that shoots down any long-shot hopes of a PC version, if true! :D

I watched a YouTube by someone the other day who said that the company, which was recently bought by Sony would only be doing original work from now on, based on an interview he had with someone involved with the company. His hope was that they would remaster Bloodborne with an eye to porting it to the PC.

It was one of the first things I did on in the PS5, continue my half finished run from the PS4. The load times made it a much more pleasant experience.

If this is just a minor upgrade with some redone textures and a 60fps cap then I will skip. If it’s a complete graphical remake like Demons Souls… then I doubt I would be able to resist.

My favorite game from the last generation! So glad I only played through once :) And haven’t touched the DLC. I hope this comes true, if only toseethe results of a western company developing a sequel to a From game. I believe that’s a first.

I really want From to make a Castlevania game. They could call it Casoulvania.

It’d be really nice if they used a remaster as an opportunity to fix the chalice dungeons. What wasted potential.

Not very confident a sequel by somebody else is going to be worth playing, though.


that’s the wrong attitude. If you liked Demon’s Souls (PS5), there is nothing wrong with the looks of Bloodborne, it is all dark and moody anyways… don’t wait another 2 years for it.

This was my mistake. I could have beaten the game easily and struck it off my uncompleted list, but I dived into the DLC and got bogged down in really difficult boss fights.

Yes, I did the same. Ultimately I gave up on the boss fights and started the game over with a new character. Then I over-leveled myself in the main game first, and got near the end, and THEN went to the DLC, and the same boss fights were a piece of cake. Ah yes. Being over-leveled is the best revenge.

These are the guys that handled the PS5 remake for Demons Souls, which was incredible. If they put the same attention and detail into a Bloodborne remake then I would put it in the projected must play pile.

He said sequel, though, which would be pretty easy to mess up. Bloodborne is, I think, From’s most esoteric game, which is certainly saying something. Bluepoint does great work, but their last non-port, non-remaster was 2006’s Blast Factor, which did not get amazing reviews. Still, I remain cautiously optimistic, although of course at this point it’s only a rumor.

Reading is hard.

I could see how this would make a big difference, particularly since you have to return to the Hunter’s Dream every time you want to level up. I’m definitely noticing the lack of load times in Demon’s Souls.

That was a nice bonus, but the biggest improvement was just getting back into the fight after you died faster. On my original PS4 you had to wait far longer than I wanted to, especially given my penchant for dying. A lot.

Load times give you a chance to reflect on your failures.

The chalice dungeons always felt like a bizarre, shoehorned-in thing to me, and I feel like they negatively impacted the lore and maybe also took away dev time that could have been more profitability spent on the main game. Trophy stats (which are spotty) suggest relatively few players engage with the dungeons at all, and a tiny fraction persist all the way to the end (I certainly did not). If nothing else they really ought to fix the Isz bug, although I hope they also make co-op less stupid. My brother got the game but he kind of sucks at it, to the point where he never even got a single point of insight so I could never join up with and help him.

Over and over again.

I don’t remember load times ever bothering me in a Soulsborne game. It just feels like the rhythm of the game. It’s not like getting back into the action right away is some compulsive need of mine right after getting killed.