Blue curacao

What the hell is this stuff supposed to taste like. It’s blue, it tastes kind of like coconut but not really and kind of like the crappy bottle caps I hated but couldn’t keep from buying as a kid.

Why not just make blue rum?

Don’t you be insulting Willy Wonka Bottle Caps…

'Cause rum isn’t blue? Curacao is one of those liquors that are only used in a few drinks. Like peach schnapps or creme de menthe. You probably only need a bottle to last most of a liver.

EDIT: I’ve only ever made a Blue Hawiian that called for the stuff, and I was keeping bar at the time. The bottle had been there longer than the actual owner had been. I’d take one of ElGuapo’s Korean’s to get me to get a bottle.

If you pronounce it “curr-ack-oh”, my dutch ancestors and I will sail in on our fluyt and jam maatjesharing down your throat.

It is pronounced “curr-uh-sow”.

Hey blue curacao makes one of the best longdrinks the “sanfter engel” (dont know the english translatioan) just mix it with orange juice, it will get green and tasty.

Sweet Tarts kick the shit out of Bottle Caps.

1/3 blue caracao, 1/3 malibu, and 1/3 pineapple juice is a good “candy” drink.

Chewy Spree >
Full sized Bottle Caps (NOT the small halloween sized ones) >
Skittles >
Hard Spree >
Life Savers >
Those little hard banana and cherry shaped things you get from a gumball machine >
Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts aren’t bad. The above list is just a testament to the awesomeness of all those other fruit-flavored (sorta) candies.

I’d love to have whatever you’re smoking to rate any form of Spree above Sweet Tarts. They are made of win.

I alway liked Punkies, the “tiny, speckled, UGLY candy!”

Root Beer Bottlecaps are the greatest form of candy ever invented. There was a candy shop in Ottawa that used to separate out bulk quantities of Bottle Caps, allowing you to buy a bulk bag of just Root Beer flavoured ones.

It was sweeeeeet.

Smarties pwn all.

How do you even compare Skittles and Life Savers to Sweet Tarts and Bottle Caps? Bottle Caps and Sweet Tarts are compressed powdered surgar candies that have a sweet and sour taste. Other candies that fall into this group are Rockets (Smarties to you Yanks) and Love Hearts.

Jesus, get with it Phil. You’re losing it. Comparing Skittles to Sweet Tarts. Jesus Christ. Why not bring fucking Nreds into it? Or Starburst? “Duhha, I like Starboists. Duhha.” Christ Almighty.

You mean Punts? Maybe they just have a different name here.

Edit: I think I meant Runts. Did you mean Runts? Insult goes here.

Rockets are quite good, if you have like 6000 of them. Granted, 6000 of them costs a dollar, so they’ve got that going for them. Were you raised during the Depression, or are you just ridiculously poor?

Nice shirt, idiot.

Yes to the latter. But in case we’ve got a cross-cultural exchange problem here, here’s two photos of the Smarties which pwn all:

While searching for photos, I saw different types of non-pwning Smarties, so any confusion is understandable.

Agreed. Chocolate Smarties are for tards. That’s why they eat the red one’s last.

When I worked at Snap-on, the Rockets factory was right across the street. The smell was surprising bad. Like transmission fluid.

Man, I love the Qt3 Thread Topic Warp-O-Matic. You put in “WTF Blue Curacao” and out comes “I Rank the Small Fruit-Flavored Candy As Follows.” Awesome!

^^That was me.