Boardgaming in DC

Alright. Does anyone here that lives in the DC metro area want to get together and play some of these nifty board games everyone is going on about? I only own Battlelore, but I’ll happily play that. I’ve never played Settlers or anyhting, but I’d be interested in a game like that.

No, you are not allowed in the hot tub. Unless you are a hot chick.

This is a good idea, but don’t try to give me sex advice.

I have Ticket to Ride.


I’m out in Annapolis-ville, but I’d be in for some boardgaming.

Erik J.

I would absolutely be up for this, and Secretary could probably come as well, depending on what game we play.

Games I own-
Settler’s Of Cataan (with ocean expansion)
Age of Mythology
Cranium (yes, I know its not really the style of game you are talking about)
Primordial Soup

edit to say - Troy, you own Ticket to Ride, have you ever tried Transamerica?

I have not.


It was a big hit with all my friends who enjoyed Ticket To Ride. Its very similar, but a little faster paced…

Anyway, now I wish I had a copy…

I might be interested in this, although I have no good boardgames of my own other than knowledge of several obscure card games, like playing tarot. (no not fortunetelling, playing the actual card game the cards were meant for.)

I’m interested but I’m about an hour and 1/2 outside of DC in nearby PA. That said, Dave Long and I have talked about getting together for some boardgaming. It’d be great if some other folks could make the trip as well.

I have ticket to ride and citadels. Few other games that are mostly 2 player wargames.

Live in Alexandria.

man…would love to get into something like this…but i live all the way up in Michigan.

But 2 games I would recommend?

War of the Ring - awesome LotR boardgame. Tough to learn, though, but VERY rewarding once you do figure it out.

Marvel Heroes - probably my favorite game. Very well done.

Both games are made by Fantasy Flight Games…and both are top notch in my opinion…


I just remembered…

I also own the best group card game ever… BANG!

Don’t have a board game but am suggesting a group card alternative: qt3 poker night.

I would also be down with a poker night. Either or.

Erik J.

Best? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s definitely up there. ;)

Anyone ever heard of the board game “Samurai”?

Count me in for poker as long as the buy in is relatively low. Not made of moolah like some folks around here (and yes, I’m looking at you, Jake “K0NY KILLAH” Plane)…

I’ll be there at the end of April. Keen to join in :)

I’m in.

This one?

If we get a quorum, I’m willing to defer to the group’s wishes on buy-in and rules. That said, I’d recommend a $20 buy-in but with low chip values ($1, $0.50, $0.20, $0.10) and maximum $3 raise with a 3 raise maximum (excluding guts, where I’d say we’d cap it at $100). If folks would prefer to do lower, that’s also fine.

$20? Zzzz…I’d like to at least be able to win gas money.