Bosch (Not the Kitchenware)

Amazon will release Season 2 of Bosch this Friday. If you’re a reader, this season is based mainly on Trunk Music, with elements of The Drop and The Last Coyote.

I enjoyed the first season so I’m definitely on board for this one.


I loved season 1. Now I’m going to have to binge Season 2 in order to have it done by the time Daredevil comes out 3/18. God, my life is so frickin’ hard.

Put me down as a Bosch fan. I’m in.

Amazon must have launched early, because I’m watching Season 2 now.

As a tie-in, a couple of Michael Connelly’s Bosch books are on sale for Kindle today ($2.99 each): The Last Coyote, The Drop, and Trunk Music

I think that I liked season one better than this one. There just seemed to be too much stuff piled on this time. Too much daughter and ex, too much Jeri Ryan - worst femme fatale evar! - and way too many gunfights. Also, there was no real bureaucracy for Bosch to fight against - everybody seemed perfectly fine with his shenanigans this season.

Still a good show, but not nearly as satisfying.

As a long time Bosch reader I really really disliked season 1. Was tempted to not bother with Season 2 but did, first 3 episodes were a tad slow but watching 2 episodes a night over 3 nights for the last 6 episodes worked a treat and I really enjoyed it. An excellent season.

As someone who has not read the books, I’m curious to hear about your dislike of season one. Did they mess up Bosch somehow or was it something else? I think that TV Bosch is pretty awesome.

It was the Bosch suspension part of it, pointless and it dragged on way too long for my liking. Maybe if you hadn’t read the books it worked but while he always sails close to the wind in the books he generally delivers and while ragged on by the bosses at times especially Irvin Irving he has his protectors due to his abilities as a detective and for me Season 1 missed showing that.

In season 2 we got his doggedness and willingness to bend the rules as well as his ability to solve the issues. Season 2 for me really portrayed Bosch as how I saw him in the books.

One thing that really stood out was the tattoo’s. In the book you know he has them as a veteran but on TV you are reminded all the time because you can see them, yet in the book you file it away as known and move on. Found that interesting but also somewhat jarring at times.

Loved both seasons. Eagerly awaiting a third.

Sad that they take so long to make, and yet I consume them in a few days. :(

Renewed for Season 4. (Season 3 comes out early next year, most probably).

That is really great news. My wife and I dig Bosch.

Season 3 trailer

Season 3 releases on April 21. Quite a lead time for Amazon; my guess is they’ll try and promote this season more than before.

Jesus, what happened? It look likes a Windows 3.1 era machine just barfed random clip art all over Bosch’s arms.

Season 3 is up btw.

And we’re chomping at the bit here in our house to watch it.
In fact, we were going to start tonight. We’d planned it for weeks.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), we noticed that season 2 of “Fortitude” also suddenly appeared on Prime, which took us by surprise, and so we started watching that a few days ago. We’ll finish that first.

But it’s nice to know that Bosch will be waiting for us when we’re ready. Bosch is great stuff.

Should have stuck with Bosch…

Be sure to post your impressions in the Fortitude thread.

Season 4 trailer came out just now. Season releases next week. Season 5 officially picked up.

The trailer says April 13th. That’s 8 weeks away. Looks fantastic as usual though!