Brexit, aka, the UK Becomes a Clown Car of the Highest Order


They will get an extension, but May has to come up with a plan as to what she wants to do with that extension. A second referendum is the solution.


How in the world is May still PM? I thought y’all had ways of dealing with this sort of thing, where the government has failed to govern so you get a new government in.


Nobody else wants the role, it is a lose lose situation. Cameron should be flogged for putting it to a public vote in the first place.


I volunteer to assist with the procedure.


As it stands a change in leadership would not solve anything. Parliament is dead locked. Whomever would become Prime Minister would just end up in exactly the same position.


Not sure they are so much deadlocked as in denial. A little leadership might go a long way.


Elect me Prime Minister and I will revoke Article 50.


Yeah, seems like an extension with the explicit rationale to set up a second referendum is the most rational scenario. Of course, this makes me think it’s the least likely end result.


You have my sword.


And my arse! That’s how you spell it there, right?


Let’s google that… Oh. oh.
Okay. Well… that’s a thing.

I wonder how the EU will react that that new border model…


But what are they going to do about that one person who always takes the sprinkles and doesn’t pay?

B/C there’s always that person. Always.



It was me.


Correct. You get a free UK citizenship*! Grats!

_ * non refundable for EU citizenship, terms and conditions apply.


Exactly, as long as you don’t mind food rationing,

some kind of rationing would be almost inevitable, reckons one big supermarket.

or riots and looting,

or need water, fuel, or the sewerage system,

or have cancer,

then it remains the only sane option.


Christ what a shitshow this is going to be. I sure hope it doesn’t provoke another financial crisis. I’m nearly 58 and was hoping to retire in a few years.


Not to provide credence to Brexiteers, but my impression is that another crisis has been brewing ever since the last one settled down, because the underlying issues haven’t been addressed, only alleviated somewhat through measures like quantitative easing, measures whose effect will be muted or extinguished the next time around.

Brexit in this case, or rather the no deal scenario with accompanying uncertainty and hysteria, will therefore, from that point of view, be the catalyst (and a serious one no doubt) rather than the cause of any new recession.

I am led to understand, from a cursory reading of various websites and from conversations with friends, and knowledge of some peoples’ finances other than my own, that the debt situation in Britain is rather delicate, the issue being Britain is like a very finely balanced ship, and the current situation helps no-one and a no deal scenario is apt to tip the ship over, but said tipping of ship wouldn’t matter if it weren’t piled so high, with debt in this case.

I’m labouring the analogy somewhat (and would quite like to go sailing now…:S) but if this does provoke another crisiss, it wil be a crisis with deeper roots, and likely to be explained away by the Brexieteers as Remainer lack of confidence in the best case, and likely actual sabotage in the worst.

I remain calm though, and hope that at least the situation won’t be as in Venezuela.


Parliament just voted 312-308 to reject No-Deal Brexit.