Broadway: "Hamilton"


When the heck are they gonna make the film version of this, so the rest of humanity can watch it? That’s how I finally watched A Chorus Line.


The Broadway production was filmed in 2016. It will probably be on screens in 2020 or 2021.


That is awesome news (and it’s precisely the kind of film I hoped for)! I’ll definitely be watching it then.


We’ve seen parts (I assume) of that filmed version on PBS - Hamilton’s America, I think it was called. It should be pretty cool on a big screen with a good sound system.

And it’s only a matter of time before every high school in the country does Hamilton as their Spring Musical - so patience will pay off if you can’t get to a pro show :)


I have a deep abiding love of high school drama, but… not the same.


Just waiting for the kids to become old enough that we can take a trip to London to watch this show (and in general, to start going to musical shows regularly again - there’s just something about stage shows in general that I love, and having small kids has really cut back on that). Hopefully it will still going by then.


If anyone doesn’t already know, check out the yearlong release of Hamildrops.

The last one that came out today has Obama on it.


I couldn’t find a recent theater thread so figured I’d piggyback on this one. We saw Wicked at the Pantages Theater in LA last night, strangely enough exactly 7 years to the day that we saw it last time it was in town. Different cast obviously but still amazing, and better overall than I remember. This is our first time getting a ticket package so we’ll be seeing a few more over the next 6 months as well.

It was pretty eerie seeing the uncomfortably close parallels to our country’s recent history in the show, like using the animals as a scapegoat to unite the masses, rampant lies from the land’s leader, etc. The replacement teacher that comes in with the lion cub did have a haircut that seemed a bit Nazi-like however, with an audible gasp from people around me as he removed his hat.


Apparently the actors can see what you’re doing in the theater, per Lin-Manuel Miranda performing the title role in Puerto Rico:



My sister went two days ago to one of the Puerto Rico shows.

Fortunately - not in the 4th row!


I have seen Wicked 3 times, in SF, here in Fresno and on Broadway. My daughter saw Wicked before any of us, at the Pantages Theater in LA, probably in 2006 maybe. A friend’s mother took her and her friend.


I’m just hoping it continues long enough on the West End for me to get a chance to watch it there. Haven’t had much opportunity to watch musical theater since we got kids.


I hope it does - such a good show.


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