Brooklyn Nine Nine

Well that’d go well with the Jerry Gergich 2.0 whipping boy they have.

Hear hear. The Good Guys was awesome, but Fox did its usual thing and killed it in its cradle.

I liked The Good Guys quite a bit, but the reality is it got mixed critical reviews and terrible, and I mean, terrrible ratings, even though Fox promoted it quite a bit (at this point someone anecdotally will complain they never saw ads for it, but that’s irrelevant to the money Fox actually spent on ad buys). At some point people can’t blame networks for making rational cancellation decisions.

Well then I blame idiot audiences for preferring crappy “reality” shows to a good scripted comedy.

People still watching this? The vulture episode this week was good , also Crews is fantastic in this.

Yup, still watching, still enjoying.

This show is extremely hit or miss for me, and this week was more hit, mainly because of the Allstate insurance guy/Vulture who I’m already predisposed to laugh at quite a bit (funny that they also ran one of his commercials during the show). There were several jokes by the regular crew that I actually laughed at as well, which hasn’t been the case the prior two episodes.

Like SHIELD, I keep wanting to cancel this, but find I can’t bring myself to do so yet.

I thought the first couple were solid, but the Vulture episode was terrific. Cast is starting to gel a lot better, and I’m looking forward to the show hitting its stride.

They’re really making great use of their cast.

Every episode hasn’t been great, but I laughed out loud more than once with the Vulture episode.

I find myself wishing Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a little bit more like Hot Rod, but overall I’m enjoying the show. I agree that between the first episode and The Vulture, it really seems as if the cast are getting comfortable with each other and their roles. I enjoy Andy Samberg as a comedic actor, so its a pretty easy sell for me.

Season 2 has begun, can it keep up the pace?!

Saw this last night for the first time because they moved it to an absolutely prime spot, in between the Simpsons and Family Guy. That’s gotta be the most coveted spot on the Fox broadcast schedule.

Which made me wonder, is Fox really throwing their weight behind this? I thought last night’s episode was totally unfunny. The whole thing seemed off tonally, and Andy Samberg (sorry) shows he’s no Jesse Eisenberg. The writing was just terrible. And the actors? Terry Crews, really? I didn’t recognize a single other actor. They put this thing on prime time and it feels like it should be a Youtube series.

Definitely not the best episode for an intro.

It is very character driven, without having got to know them a little, I can see how it falls flat. I never would have given this show a second look had it not been of Dan Harmon calling it out as good comedy after Community was cancelled.

On a side note, very disappointed they did not end up doing anything significant with the undercover storyline. Was hoping was going in a different direction than ‘reset’ each week.

I realize, looking back on that post, it was very much an old, cranky man post. Sigh. You unknown comedic actors get off my lawn!

Well I’m glad you said something, since this is one of my favorite new comedies. You reminded me 100% of my older friends who say things like, “Nothing is funny anymore, not since Cheers went off the air. Now that was a funny show!”

The problem is you are so behind the times on the comedy scene. Joe Lo Truglio and Chelsea Peretti have great comedy bona fides. Andre Braugher is, of course, awesome. And I love Terry Crews in this part!

I will say that I just saw the first episode of this season and that was a poor episode to start on. It was a pretty weak episode for this series. There was quite a bit story-wise for fans but not a lot for new people and not much in terms of laughing out loud humor. I agree with sharaleo above, you really need to get to know everyone in the earlier episodes before it starts to shine.

I had mixed feelings about the season opener.

I was really disappointed that they dropped the undercover investigation after about 3 minutes. That could have been a really interesting twist for at least a few episodes, but instead the writers opted to go right back to the status quo. Not sure how I feel about the Jake/Santiago and Boyle/Gina developments, but we’ll see where that goes.

On the other hand, a pretty funny episode. Maybe it’s because the show has been on hiatus for so long, but I laughed a lot. Braugher is consistently terrific in his role. The “my husband hasn’t seen me smile in weeks” bit was hilarious. And, Terry Crews is still the heart of the show in my opinion. His excitement and commitment, not to mention his sheer size and physicality, make him an amazing presence.

That said, a really bad episode for newcomers to drop in on.

I think it would be great if the Jake/Santiago will-they-or-won’t-they was completely abandoned to be replaced by a season (series?) long escalation of the Boyle / Gina relationship. If you’re going to have an obligatory office romance, it’s more fun to make it about the weirdos.