Brooklyn Nine Nine


Yeah, I’m hoping that with this episode they put the Jake/Santiago thing on the back burner. He approached it again and she told him she was still in the other relationship. So let’s move on, people!


Re: Chelsea Peretti, I’m watching her comedy special on Netflix and she’s killing it. Just funny as shit. Every Brooklyn Nine fan should watch it.


Maybe I will.


I’m late to the party on this one, but thanks to Scott Lufkin in the Parks and Rec thread I gave it a try.

So glad I did. Just finishing off the first season now.

-Okay the answer is yes. The details are…my name is Duncan Buck. I was raised on an oil rig by ninety men and one prostitute–
-We’d like you to be yourself.
-Even better!



I hadn’t heard of this show until a month ago or so and am really glad it was brought to my attention. The Peralta/Santiago-will/won’t-they setup is a bit of a snoozer, but the overal comedic talent assembled there simply delivers. Crews is really good, as are Peretti and Lo Truglio. Seriously, Charles sucking up to Peralta to score friend points doesn’t get old. Obviously, Andre Braugher is at the center of it; his delivery is just amazingly perfect. Regardless of whether it’s him playing it straight or breaking out of it. When he received the medal from his arch nemesis and you just thought that he wouldn’t rub it in and he goes “LUNCHTIME’S OVER! Boom! No regrets!” - I almost spat out the food I was chewing on.


Glad to see people watching this FINALLY , i was feeling so left alone on the first page, and even quit looking for the thread to update last year.


Yeah, sorry about that, I didn’t even discover the show until after the first season had aired (did we just finish season 2? I think?) so I got caught up on a lark and entirely based on one scene I saw where they were all going to their captain’s birthday party and he didn’t want them there. I had seen part of that episode waiting for another show to start, and it cracked me up enough I put it on my list of “shows to watch at some point” and I’ve been hooked ever since. Such a fantastic cast! My son got into it with me, he laughs as hard as I do, it’s probably our favorite comedy now that Community isn’t around (nor Parks And Rec, our other favorite).


Yeah, I don’t understand why more people weren’t watching this immediately. I glommed (sp?) onto it from day one because the critics singled it out for attention, and I wasn’t disappointed. Great cast including Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti and Joe Lo Truglio. (BTW if you haven’t watched Peretti’s latest comedy special you’re missing out–it’s fantastic).





I love that there isn’t a forced romance between Andy and the Cuban girl.


More people weren’t watching it because it’s a tough show to market. From soup-to-nuts, concept to stars, it’s a tough sell. People who love cop shows love serious procedurals. They don’t want an Airplane version of that, and in fact might find it offensive. I never watched “Police Squad!” as I was knee-deep in high school drama stuff when that was a thing and TV was simply not my thing then, but I remember how it was reviewed. Or at least I think I do. The lack of a lafftrack and the deadpan humor just didn’t land with those viewers. They wanted sitcom humor, or serious drama. Something that tried to parody or split the difference need not apply.

I think this show fell somewhere in that crevasse. Plus it had an SNL stigma, so people like me who like this stuff stayed away. No matter how much I appreciate Andy Samberg, I wasn’t going to sign on for a show commitment, especially when it looks like so much of a vanity project.

I’m so amazed by the cast in this. As I said in the Parks and Rec thread, Andre Braugher. Dang. I so freaking love that guy. And Terry Crews. I just cannot get over how fucking committed that guy is in every thing he does in this show.

But then those who love Idiocracy won’t be surprised by that.

And I will check out the Chelsea Peretti thing. She’s kind of the poor man’s Aubrey Plaza in this but that’s okay.


“If you see a cool looking guy, strike up a conversation and ask him on a man-date.”


I have to admit the only real reason I haven’t watched this show is lack of time/embarrassment of riches for good comedy to watch. Hell, I’m only now getting into Park and Rec seriously since it’s in re-runs pretty much all day long on two different cable networks. I’ll probably catch on this one in a crazy binge around the time it gets canceled.


For some reason, while I do quite like the show while I’m watching it, I can never actually remember to watch this, it just kind of slides off my brain when thinking of current comedies.

I think that for me, I like the moment-to-moment joke writing, but much of the meta-structure is a little too traditional-sitcom for me. Also, the overall comedy aesthetic is informed by Samberg’s presence, which is a little too in-your-face goofy for me to buy into. Again, I enjoy it when I’m watching it, but I wouldn’t consider it high on the list of things that I feel I need to watch.

Also, there isn’t anything else on Fox that I watch, so that helps me to forget that it exists.


This is a good point. I really like him, but when he slips into mugging he can be pretty grating. That “C’mon guys!” face he does is funny in the digital shorts like “Jizz in My Pants” or the boat one, but when he falls back on it here–and I really think it happens accidentally–it immediately takes me out of the show. Especially since Andre Braugher is so disciplined an actor.

Hopefully he’ll learn.



We’re gonna start this soon after all the praise in this and the Parks and Rec thread, really looking forward to it as I’ve been a massive fan of Andre Braugher since Glory for chrissakes.


Great start to the new season. Bill Hader made a really great new captain. It’s great to see the gang again.


I actually meant to pop up after the season returned and give it a big thumbs up - terrific start to the show. I laughed EVERY DAMN TIME that mascot was in the background.


I watched it last night, and am sooo glad that they resolved the “will they or won’t they get together” business in one episode instead of stretching it out for another season.


Me to. It’s a cheap shot to get people to watch and I hate it.


My waffle xylophone on the cheese man.