Brotato: arena based auto-shooter with crazy variety build


And continuing with the Q&A format…

Wait, what’s an “auto-shooter”?
Something I just made up to refer to games like Vampire Survivors, 20 Minutes till Dawn, etc where you move the character but you don’t attack, it’s automatic.

Is the game out?
No, but there is a demo. In fact that’s the thing… the demo isn’t a 15 minutes experience, it can be played for a dozen of hours at least, thanks to the build variety, that’s why I made a thread for it already. I don’t know how much content the final game will have, but I suspect the demo is less a ‘demo’ and more the current build of the entire game.

Still, why I should play it?
This is a simple game, you always play the same square arena, trying to survive hordes of enemies. The star of the show here is the build variety. It’s great. You combine up to 6 weapons, character class, stat upgrades and many items to do all kinds of thematic builds. Spears, bazookas, smgs, tasers, punches, just in your defensive options you have many options, you can go with armor, speed, auto regen, big hp pool, leech, dodge chance…
Just look at this playlist for the build variety:

The dev of SNKRX (another auto-shooter) recently announced that they were ending further development, but suggested Brotato as a good alternative:

And if you really liked SNKRX and you wanna play more games like it the best I can do is recommend some. Ever since last year many games that are around SNKRX’s design area have been released, most famously Vampire Survivors and its clones.

However the game that I liked the most and that feels closest is a game called Brotato. It has many of the same ideas and systems, and incidentally it also solves quite a few design problems I was having with the rewrite. It’s just a really good and fun game. Currently there’s only a demo available but the full version should come out in a few months. If you liked SNKRX you’ll probably like this, so give it a try!

One interesting thing with Brotato is that the weapons have tags. Accumulating multiple weapons with the same tag gives you bonuses, Auto chess style. The different characters tend to lean into that by being especially good with melee or ranged, or something more specialized like blades or primitive.

It’s a much more “active” game than VS in that the movement and such is much faster (though I guess closer to the faster modes in VS, which I haven’t played).

Oh that’s a good point, it is indeed pretty similar to the SNKRX game, with how you mix several weapons and upgrades, and you move but it shoots automatically.

And speaking of similarities, this dev also made previously this roguelite:

Which I had my eye put on it time ago. Same aesthetic but more Dead Cells/Hollow Knight in gameplay, and it seems it also have tons of build variety (300+ items)

Thanks for posting. I thoroughly explored SNKRX, so Brotato is going to keep me up until 5am. I just need to pick the weekend carefully.

I blinked and lost an hour of my life to this.

It will release on EA on Sept 27. Retromation is showing new content here

I saw “arena” and “auto-shooter with crazy variety” and thought FINALLY, someone is doing Car Wars!

I was disappointed.

Game is out in EA. 5€.

I uninstalled it yesterday night because I was getting addicted and burning through it, and that’s a bad choice for a game in EA.

But yeah. Game good.

Well, I failed to be careful. Fun game! Weapon merging plus unlimited/stackable items is a good amount of complexity. Would like a more interesting armor/shield system.

I’m playing less now, after the first 15 hours, but still it’s a nice game to have when you want to play something but that is low-commitment, and not something super complex or super long.

New stuff today:

And several balance changes, including a rework of the Chunky character

  • Chunky => +25% Max HP modifications, +1% Damage for every 3 Max HP, +3 HP healed from consumables, -100% Lifesteal, -50% HP Regeneration and Dodge modifications, -100% Speed modifications, changed starting weapons

Latest update adds some nice QoL stuff. In particular:

  • see how much damage each weapon dealt during the previous wave
  • see how many stat increases you’ve received from various items
  • a secondary stats table

This game has fully taken over my life during a very deep well of depression. I love it so much

Game on, my brother. Hope life treats you better. 💪

64 hours played, and I’ve finally done it:


The achievements are mostly centered around winning with each of the different characters and, since each usually requires a different type of build to be successful, knocking out each one was interesting and an enjoyable way to experience what the game has to offer.

I still think this is better than Vampire Survivors, simply because its visuals are super clean and the achievements essentially guide you through the game.

Congrats! Some of those were very very tough for me. I’m trying to win on Danger 5 with all characters and the last few are proving pretty miserable, lol

Oh, you’re doing way better than me.

I got the Danger 5 achievement using the character I found the easiest to win with at Danger 0, and even then it felt pretty challenging. I doubt very much I could get even a third of the other characters to D5!

Last Brotato update:

Added 4 new characters (+8 challenges/achievements)
Added 13 new items
Added 3 new weapons

Added endless mode
Added support for Steam Workshop

(and more balance changes and fixes)

I finally was able to win a run with the Hunter, I don’t know why but that character was hard for me.

I’m on a Dyson Sphere Program kick at the moment, but I’ll be diving back in to Brotato when I have a spare moment to check out the changes.

Can’t wait to see what the community comes up with in the workshop!