Browser Wars 2006!

Internet Explorer, 1995-2022

These articles are stupid. The only great IE was IE4, and that only lasted until Firefox (then Phoenix) released.

I actually switched off IE4 pretty quickly to an IE shell with tabs, but it was IE behind the scenes. I can’t remember the name of this shell. It was like Maxthon, but earlier-on.

Edit: Ahh found it-- NetCaptor - Wikipedia.

Netscape Navigator had the decency to die with dignity. Cooler loading logo too.

Safari’s done a great job picking up the mantle. Ignoring widely accepted standards, making baffling implementation decisions – they’ve been the new Internet Explorer for years

I had a friend who worked on the IE team and wanted to make it great in the mid-oughts. He was miserable. :)

I’ve been using Chrome for the last two years, but now i’m wondering if I should go back to the old home (Firefox).

Because I’ve noticed a pair of times how it was weird that I couldn’t find some old page I had visited previously, in the History page… today it happened again, and this time I was sure it was something I had visited before, and not that much time ago. What was the deal? I searched, and I found Chrome max limit for history is 3 months. That’s pathetic! I would like to have as a minimum a year, two even, if possible.

Firefox history limit is by number of pages, not by date, it seems it can change depending on your computer, I checked and my max amount is 120k pages. Much better!

Yeah, Chrome history has been crap for a while I’m sure it used to be longer.

If it changed, my cynical guess is that the way it works made it a resource hog and rather than fixing the code Google just shrank the data. Problem solved!