BSG 37 - Second Chance Heroes

It’s encouraging that at least one of our leaders is exhibiting pro-human traits!

Right, I thought I posted this earlier…


@Lantz PM me the token

Yeah a Cylon admiral would be shooting at Centurions and nuking Basestars.

Ok @Perky_Goth


cottle Michael Robert six

Time’s up on waiting, I guess. Not much coming milhouse for ages. But I see an opportunity I must grab here. Time to go home.

At least, if I manage to post a picture.

Discard to 3, yes?

Shocking! /s

Yes, you discard to 3 and scoot off to Robot Ship. And give your other loyalty card to someone else.

Shocking only by comparison, I was a terrible Cylon. Sorry sleeper.

Leadership 0IW
Tactics 0TI,1LS, 1LS,4UP,5ASC

I’ll throw my extra to Apollo.

Obv some space stuff happening but I could use an XO at some point

The way it’s going, your first chance at that is probably my turn.

Ok so you have your super crisis, and your damage choices.

Also @rowe33 you may send your card choices, or if you prefer to see the damage first that too.

I’ll hit fuel and FTL.


I am shocked!

@rowe33 when you are ready with your card choices, here is your board.

I’ll take 1 of each please.


What’s the general consensus on the Free Billy movement? @Knightsaber @rho21 @Lantz

I am obviously a fan. While being in the brig isn’t the worst problem in the world, you can cag space a little safer and having me able to contribute more to checks would be helpful.

While I don’t have any reason to think Billy’s a Cylon, someone has to be. Would really hurt to release him if so.

Right now space looks pretty scary to me; the Cylons will be arriving next turn, two civvies are in trouble and I’m hardly in a great spot. What we really need is more fuel.

Here’s how I see things right now, in terms of priority:

  1. Fuel, fuel, fuel We need to make sure our next jump and/or our Admiral are pro-human.
  2. Unlock him up! Get the President out of jail. I can definitely help with this when the time comes.
  3. Civvy shuffle Take care of all these civvies flying around. My OPG can clean up a LOT of mess at once when we need it. Cylons will be jumping in and need to be taken care of immediately once they do.

Given that Dee is a Cylon, it seems very likely that our other toaster is in a position of responsibility. On the ‘Harm to Humanity’ ranking, I’d go -> Admiral, President, CAG, Hardball. With all of that in mind, I think I need to go with this:

Move to 1 to protect the back civvy,
CAG viper in 2 to escort civvy home.
Play Tactics 2 LS to check Destinations (can anyone help with the roll?)