BSG 38 - This is Our 38th Game in Six Years

Move to Cylon Fleet, launch 2 raiders and a heavy in sectors 1 and 5/6, please!

That doesn’t seem fair but that’s what it says.

President Tom aka @rho21 paging Tom. Hello Tom. Hello? Paging. Anyway, it’s your turn now and there’s a hot mess.

Yeesh. I hope you found Lion’s Head Nebula Racetrack.

I’ll play 4CS to get two actions.

I’m quite convinced by the humanity of our admiral and CAG at this point, so I can only conclude the remaining cylon must be Cally. ​To the brig with you.

Oh wait, there’s one other possibility isn’t there? Oh dear… how can I ever atone? I find myself with no option but to resign the presidency in favour of our new prisoner and leave the fleet in disgrace.

Discard Pol 2CP to get down to three cards. @Knightsaber

Well, all the pieces are on the table.

I bet you regret brigging me now! Could have done a lot to help humanity out there in my assault raptor right now :( At least now we know the Cylon - let’s win this, Team Meatbag!

Fuck, should have shot you on that scout.

My bad humanity.

Will probably be late. Maybe even tomorrow late. Looks like fun stuff in our near future.

Okay so what’d I miss. Oh.

Well, Cally to the Brig.

Back 2 on the jump track.

Tom shuffles off to the Resurrection Ship and I have to fetch his Super Crisis card. Be with the Admiral in a bit.

Also welcome President Cally, even if she’s in jail.

@soondifferent Your 2 Leadership/Engineering draw, please.

I’ll take 2 leaderships please @Knightsaber

Admiral @soondifferent

Uh, good luck.

Okay, some options:

  • I can poke Racetrack and get her to do stuff. Maybe escort 3, and move to 5-6/or 1? Pop AR in 2 for security.
  • I can nuke 5-6/or 1.
    -Could try and get Cally out of the brig, but don’t think that’s optimal. We won’t be jumping prior to Stinger’s turn (unless we do the -3 pop jump) so if Cally can delegate we might be able to get into a safer situation first.

The toasters have 2 turns in a row which makes it extra scary.

@lantz @Jorn_Weines

I am a bit limited in what I can do. Maybe Cally has some more options.

I’m guessing that delegating Racetrack will probably be the best we can do for now, though I’ll let @lantz chime in before committing to anything.

Ideally, if we can nuke one nest, and get an AR covering the civvie in 2, we might be able to dance around until we jump. Maybe.

Oh yeah, my OPT is a movement, not an action, so I can probably move the raider in 4 to 7-8 unless you guys have a better idea, and the one in 4 to 7-8. Or maybe move the heavy raider from 2, since with back to back Cylon turns centurions a bit more dangerous. Then maybe we can nuke 1 and get lucky.

Driving today but checking in. I can’t see what I can do that’s useful beyond just not being in the brig.

President Cally - given our political options, should we be concerned with the heavy raider potentially boarding, or do you think moving smol raiders are more important at this time?

As Lantz is busy I may as well let you know that there’s nothing useful for your situation in the quorum hand.